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Can I Keep Up on this Tour?

Dear “Can I Keep Up”:

Thank you for your interest in riding with us. So here is the straight talk… The ability to “keep up” is the most common concern for our first time guests. All the routes, numbers and profiles on the website inspire trepidation until our new clients join a tour for the first time and see for themselves the gentle nature of both Lizard Head Cycling’s tours and its guests. Only then do our first time guest realize that all their worry and consternation were for naught. The “numbers” only go so far in their ability to relate the experience of these tours. One has to “jump in the pool” and actually ride a tour to see for themselves.

Many of our clients are now in their 60’s and 70’s. An 82-year old who started cycling at age 75 rode our most difficult tour (the Colorado Cols) in 2014. The numbers and profiles on the website display what is possible for E.F.I. riders (every freaking inch). In reality every tour is custom and the guides offer higher and lower mileage each day. Options abound! On Lizard Head Cycling tours one rides as much or as little as they please. 99.9% of the people who see these beautiful national parks will do so in a car. By doing it on a bike at .01% of the population, you are already special. So who really cares if you ride E.F.I?

And PLEASE NOTE if you join us, we can bring along an electric bike just in case you want to do E.F.I. and be at the front of the pack all week 🙂

Let’s Ride!

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