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Off-Road Bike Tours

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Lizard Head Cycling Guides offers a growing number of mountain bike (MTB) and off-road tours through some of the most amazing terrain the west has to offer. In 2016, we have expanded our mountain bike rental fleet with the addition of Scott Genius 720 Plus Chubby Bikes for an off-road experience like no other!

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Below is our current list of MTB tours. Please check either the Spring/Fall Tour Calendar or the Summer Tour Calendar for confirmed departures.

  • Hayduke Trail – An audacious 440-mile/12-day mountain biking journey across Utah’s most remote, most wild and most rugged other-worldly back-of-beyond terrain.
  • Hayduke North: Castles & Goblins – As part of our Hayduke Trail tours from Castle Valley to Goblin Valley, this back country trip packs unique world class scenery with challenging riding.
  • Abajo Mountains to Lake Powell – Our Bears Ears to Lake Powell tour rides from high (8,000-feet) to low (3,500-feet) while combining bikes and even boats! It is an MTB journey to one of the most remote locations in the American West.
  • Abajos to Moab – The Abajos Mountains to Moab bike tour is a point-to-point excursion that covers some of the most exhilarating downhill terrain Utah can serve up.
  • Best of Moab – Join us as we guide you through the wondrous landscape around Moab, Utah along well groomed singletrack and dual-track roads taking in the glorious scenery and stunningly beautiful high desert terrain of southeast Utah.
  • Big Bend Texas – Our Big Bend Texas MTB Tour where we explore some of the most remote terrain in the desert southwest region of Western Texas in Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park.
  • Colorado Mountain Bike Gravel Tour – Enjoy a 5-day off-road journey in Colorado high country from Gunnison, along a portion of the Colorado Trail, and finally the Monarch Trail.
  • Colorado Trail – Our Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Tour is a dramatic back country odyssey traveling the Continental Divide and Southwest Colorado on a point-to-point mountain biking journey.
  • Crested Butte Singletrack – This 6-day tour offers immensely beautiful, challenging and remote terrain in the Elk Mountains of south-central Colorado and Crested Butte.
  • Grand Staircase Utah MTB Tour – An offroad tour in the remote back country around Capital Reef National Park, the Waterpocket Fold and down the switchbacks in Burr Canyon.
  • Great Allegheny Passage/C&O Canal Gravel Tour – A long distance 5-day car-free gravel tour along two of the best back-to-back gravel trails in the US – The Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal – from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, D.C.
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