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There are lots of bike touring companies out there. But not many specialize in taking you to the most remote and unspoiled areas of the United States, where you will see more wide open spaces than traffic…and observe more stars in the night sky than you ever could back home.

Imagine climbing the majestic Rockies in either the Colorado highways or single track trails, or among the jagged peaks of Glacier National Park. Or picture flying down the precipitous roads of the Utah or Arizona deserts, with desolate beauty all around you. Or think of spinning through the verdant greenery of the Pacific Northwest, or the bursting fall colors of the Northeast.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

That’s what Lizard Head Cycling Guides promises you – an unforgettable cycling tour experience where you venture through the great American backroads and landscapes, and you ride further and higher than you imagined. On our tours we seek out live musical performances, massage therapists travel with us and we go out of our way to find quiet car-free roads.

If you’re looking for a unique biking experience, you can find here with us!

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