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Hayduke Trail MTB Tour

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Hayduke Trail: Utah Mountain Bike Tour: Highlights

Solitude and Silence

The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour, (a.k.a. the Trans-Utah), is one of the American West’s ultimate point-to-point MTB tours exploring the far reaches of southern Utah’s mountain biking terrain. The route starts near Kanab, Utah and ends in Moab, Utah. This is Utah’s world renowned “back-of-beyond” landscapes, including the new Bear’s Ears National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The Hayduke crosses only a few paved roads in its 440-miles of riding and as a result, offers unparalleled exploration and discovery.

In southern Utah nature throws out the rule book. Rock shaped by 50-million years of water has sculpted a jaw-dropping landscape of weird and wild shapes. This is a region of extremes: of distance, of darkness, of silence.

The Hayduke Trail is considered an MTB Gravel Grinder. What this means is that riding is not an overly technical ride. The trail surface is on small, rugged and remote jeep roads. The riding is downright fun! Prior to riders actually experiencing the Hayduke we often hear that “I want to ride singletrack”, but after riding the Hayduke a cyclist who was a singletrack junkie said to us that they thought it “was the best mountain bike ride they (I) have ever done”.

Join Lizard Head Cycling on this small group cycling odyssey within the serpentine redrock canyons of the Beehive State.

Bicycling: Bears Ears National Monument – This Bikepacking Paradise May Soon Be Filled With Oil Wells

Early MTB Multi-Day Pioneers: First Mountain Bike Traverse of the White Rim Road, Canyonlands UT

Lizard Head Cycling Guides is a proud member of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Partners in support of their commitment to education, stewardship and restoration of the full National Monument.

Watch These Videos to See the Hayduke Trail!

The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour was featured in Outside Magazine: The Hayduke Option June 2017

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The Hayduke is a journey that explores among the most spectacular terrain in North America; southern Utah’s canyon & mountain country. The Hayduke Trail is named after George Washington Hayduke, a character from Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang.

Dark Skies!

Southern Utah has the darkest skies of the lower 48 American states.

Hayduke Trail

Noteworthy Links and Videos

Outside Magazine: The Hayduke Option

USA Today: Listen to the Bears Ears and protect national treasures

Outside: Watch This Video Below!

Author and adventurer Chris Solomon talks about his week-long tour along the Hayduke Trail with Rick Steves. Chris comes in around the 32 minute mark into the show.

On December 27th, 2016 much of the terrain that the 2nd week of our Hayduke Trail MTB Tour passes through was declared the Bear’s Ears National Monument by President Obama. This is a magnificent region of redrock cliffs, mysterious canyons and stone silence.

Celebrate Bears Ears: Welcome to our New National Monument!

Difficulty Level?

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour is a MTB tour that seeks out backcountry exploration. Tour size is limited to about 13 clients. Although the Hayduke tour is challenging in nature, it is not a death march! The tour’s fitness level is aimed at upper-intermediate to advanced fitness levels. The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour is not an overly technical ride; it is a spectacular “gravel grinder” type tour on small, rugged and remote jeep roads. The route can be ridden in 1-week or 2-week segments.

The mountain biking is fun and challenging, but not overly technical.

The daily mileage averages out to about 35-mile segments which vary based on the riding surface and amount of climbing on any given day. Lizard Head Cycling’s guides provide cyclists with a professional level support that includes: meals, water, shelter and mechanical aid. So the bottom line is if you are a experienced mountain or road biker with decent technical skills, this tour is within your ability level.

A Labor of Love
The Hayduke tour project has been a labor of love for Lizard Head Cycling Guides. Our guides love the spirit and adventure of riding in this remote landscape. It is indeed a special bucket-list type grand tour!

Hayduke Trail MTB Bike Tour Kanab, Utah to Moab, Utah:

Ride the Full Two Weeks from Kanab to Moab (12-Days & 440-miles), Week One Only from Kanab to the Henry Mountains (6-Days & 220-miles) or Week Two Only from the Henry Mountains to Moab (6-Days & 220-miles).

Please see the Tour Logistics below for further details.

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: Testimonials

Read what previous guests on our Hayduke Trail MTB Tour have been saying…

First of all, I’m so impressed with your company. I usually am very reticent to sign up for guided trips as I find the guides often are totally burned out and sometimes a bit “rough around the edges” … (b)ut not so with Roy and Chuck.

Roy and Chuck were amazing guides! They worked so hard but still made time to talk with us. I especially liked Roy playing his drum on the edge of Dark Canyon. It still gives me chills as I sat there hearing this “from heaven” type of melody overlooking such beautiful country. Chuck was equally amazing. I loved his en plein air geology lessons and his recital from memory of an Edward Abbey quote under the Milky Way with us all sitting around a fire. It was simply magical.

I am a very slow rider, (b)ut I really like how you organize so slower riders leave sooner and then group up. I never felt any pressure due to the speed of my biking. I enjoyed so much just reveling in the ride versus constant worry about whether I was holding people back. Great work on threading that needle with your clients.

I also liked how the truck was organized. The food was amazingly delicious. I also REALLY appreciate your astute attention to recycling and use of plates and utensils versus throw away stuff.

Bottom line, I would totally recommend your company to anyone. Furthermore, when I plan a trip with a group of friends and want truck support, you will be who I call to arrange that trip and hopefully can secure Chuck and Roy as our guides again.

Take care in all this crazy uncertainty. You all are bright shining lights. – Jody F.

The final week was as wonderful as the first. After the dust has settled and been washed out of my hair and clothes, I find myself looking back at this trip and missing much, even hike/bike up the Henry’s. For me Evan helped make this Hayduke trip a success – always cheerful, helpful and on point. He responds to concerns with care and action. If the opportunity to do another trip with Lizard Head arises, I would be thrilled to see that Evan was one of the guides. Thank you for such an amazing trip, it seems a bit like a dream now but often the best experiences in life feel that way and you know it was special. Hope to see you again in the near future. – Richard

Tim and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip on the Hayduke Trail. First of all, our three guides were fantastic. Their level of professionalism was top notch. We felt kindness and courtesy from them the entire week. They made us feel cared for and they continued to display attitudes and actions that showed us that we could count on them and trust them.

Thank you for putting together such an awesome route to experience the back country of Utah. The route and the scenery was everything we had hoped for. There were so many times that we had to stop riding just to take in the unbelievable views. We rode the second week of the trip, and our campsites were fantastic. The canyon views on several nights of our camping were incredible.

Thank you once more for providing us with a wonderful experience. – Tim and Pamela

We are back home and had a wonderful adventure riding the 2nd week of the Hayduke trail. Leslie and Evan did a great job, very positive and fun kids to be around. My brother in-law and I had a great time and really appreciate all the hard work (that went into) planning this trip with the food, water, snacks and the beer cooler. – Andy J

The Hayduke was tremendous. I’ve been meaning to let you know how great it was/is. Every aspect exceeded my expectations, especially DeAnne and David. They were professional, kind, courteous, positive, exuberant and, above all seemed to enjoy the trip as much as we did. – James

Li and I joined the ride the last 5 days, and we had more fun than we could possibly have imagined! The ride (and the weather) were enormously challenging, but we were helped greatly by the kindness and companionship of our fellow riders and guides. Thank you all for making the trip so wonderfully memorable for us! – Chris

Just wanted to let you know I had a blast and totally regret not signing up for the full 2 weeks. Your guides are incredible as well as the entire rest of the operation. I want to commend you on a fabulous organized trip. Other than the scenery, the organization is my top conversation I have with other people when asked about the tour. – Paul S.

Hayduke Trail

Riding on Day 1 Hayduke Trail

How The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour Works

The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour is supported by a burly 4×4 pickup that carries water, personal gear, an outdoor kitchen, coolers of food (and beer), tents, spare parts, spare bikes, shade and camp chairs. It is the mothership that meets us in camp. Riders wake in the morning to the echo of the coffee call off the canyon walls, followed by a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, muesli, fruit, nuts, yogurt, etc. Food is essential and Lizard Head Cycling takes care to deliver high quality ingredients. After breakfast riders pack a lunch and set off on the trail. One guide rides and the other drives the truck. Lunch is enjoyed along the trail with big views of the encompassing back of beyond terrain. When possible the mother ship meets the riders for lunch to offer a resupply.

In the late afternoon we roll into camp and once again meet the support vehicle. At this point before setting up camp the guides and guests often enjoy a celebratory beer. The guides then set up the outdoor kitchen, start appetizers and prepare dinner, while our guests set up their tents and clean their bicycles for the next day. Dinner is enjoyed around the campfire as the stars appear above in the pitch black sky. Life is good! 😀

The Hayduke Trail support vehicle

The mothership in her natural environment

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Hayduke Trail

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Refresh in the cool waters of Calf Creek Falls Hayduke Trail

Refresh in the cool waters of Calf Creek Falls

Hayduke Trail

Spring time in the Henry Mountains: This is just a drift in the trees!

Hayduke Trail

BIG VIEWS on fun double track

Alpine mountain biking through Bears Ears Pass Hayduke Trail

Alpine mountain biking through Bears Ears Pass: Week-Two

Camping with a view! Hayduke Trail

Camping with a view!

The views on Day 8 Hayduke Trail

The views on Day 8

Hayduke Trail

Map sessions are offered each morning

Hayduke Trail

Camping in the Abajo Mountains on week 2

Hayduke Trail

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: Photos

Photos from the May 2016 inaugural Hayduke Trail MTB Tour.

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: Dates

Potential tour dates are listed below and not all tour dates will run. Lock in your preferred tour date early as unopened tour dates will be closed. Please see the Spring/Autumn Tour Calendar and the Summer Tour Calendar for confirmed departures. Any unopened date can be a Custom Week (9 riders required). Please contact us via email or call 970.728.5891

***Group discount of $150 for groups of 4 or more.

NOTE: TOUR DISCOUNTS ARE NOT STACKABLE – The highest valued discount is provided.

Autumn 2021 Tour Dates

NOTE: Ride the entire Hayduke Trail (12-Days & 440 miles) or segments (6-Days & 220 miles).

Autumn Tour #1

  • September 4 to 15, 2021 – Full Two Weeks (12-Days) – TOUR A GO!
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)
    A new moon on September 7, 2021 means dark stargazing skies at night!
  • September 4 to 9, 2021 – Week One (6-Days) – TOUR A GO!
    Kanab to Henry Mountains (Book Now!)
  • September 10 to 15, 2021 – Week Two (6-Days) – TOUR A GO!
    Henry Mountains to Moab (Book Now!)

Autumn Hardcore Hayduke!Click here to jump to the itinerary

  • September 19 to 27, 2021 (9-Days & 440-Miles) – TOUR A GO!
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)

Autumn Tour #2

  • October 3 to 14, 2021 – Full Two Weeks (12-Days) – SOLD OUT
    Kanab to Moab
    A new moon on October 6, 2021 means dark stargazing skies at night!
  • October 3 to 8, 2021 – Week One (6-Days) – SOLD OUT
    Kanab to Henry Mountains
  • October 9 to 14, 2021 – Week Two (6-Days) – TOUR A GO! 4 spots remain
    Henry Mountains to Moab (Book Now!)

Spring 2022 Tour Dates

NOTE: Ride the entire Hayduke Trail (12-Days & 440 miles) or segments (6-Days & 220 miles).

Spring Tour #1

  • April 24 to May 5, 2022 – Full Two Weeks (12-Days)
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)
    A new moon on April 30, 2022 means dark stargazing skies at night!
  • April 24 to 29, 2022 – Week One (6-Days)
    Kanab to Henry Mountains (Book Now!)
  • April 30 to May 5, 2022 – Week Two (6-Days)
    Henry Mountains to Moab (Book Now!)

Spring Tour #2

  • May 7 to 18, 2022 – Full Two Weeks (12-Days)
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)
  • May 7 to 12, 2022 – Week One (6-Days)
    Kanab to Henry Mountains (Book Now!)
  • May 13 to 18, 2022 – Week Two (6-Days)
    Henry Mountains to Moab (Book Now!)

Spring Hardcore Hayduke!Click here to jump to the itinerary

  • May 8 to 16, 2022 (9-Days & 440-Miles)
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)

Spring Tour #3

  • May 15 to 26, 2022 – Full Two Weeks (12-Days)
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)
  • May 15 to 20, 2022 – Week One (6-Days)
    Kanab to Henry Mountains (Book Now!)
  • May 21 to 26, 2022 – Week Two (6-Days)
    Henry Mountains to Moab (Book Now!)

Special Tour Date for the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse!

The next major annular solar eclipse for the continental USA will occur on Saturday October 14, 2023. An annular solar eclipse is where most of the sun is covered by the moon, but it does not reach totality as the moon is too far in it’s orbit. What you will experience is very dim twilight conditions for about 4 minutes as the sunlight is shaded by the moon creating what as known as the “ring of fire” effect. The annular solar eclipse will occur mid-morning on Day 4 (Week 1) of this special Hayduke Trail MTB Tour as the eclipse passes directly overhead.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that you soon will not forget, so sign up early to secure your spot!

Please note that this tour starts on a Wednesday in order to best experience this rare astronomical event.

  • October 11 to 22, 2023 – Full Two Weeks (12-Days)
    Kanab to Moab (Book Now!)
    A new moon on October 14, 2023 means dark stargazing skies at night!
  • October 11 to 16, 2023 – Week One (6-Days)
    Kanab to Henry Mountains (Book Now!)
  • October 17 to 22, 2023 – Week Two (6-Days)
    Henry Mountains to Moab (Book Now!)

Tour Status Notes: NO STATUS = Date set, no riders have signed up. TOUR OPENED = Tour opened, rider minimums not met. TOUR A GO! = Rider minimums met, tour is GO! SOLD OUT = Rider maximums met, tour full.

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: Overview

Reptile Rewards

Ability Level: Upper Intermediate (3)  to Advanced (3/4) 
The Hayduke Trail is a spectacular gravel-grinder type tour across rugged and remote backcountry jeep roads.

Tour Size: 5 to 13 riders

Tour Cost: $3,190 (12-Day tour), $1,690 (6-Day tour) and $2,195 (Hardcore Hayduke: 9-Day )
*Bring 4 riders & receive a $200- per person/12-day tour discount
*Bring 4 riders & receive a $100- per person/6-day tour discount

NOTE: TOUR DISCOUNTS ARE NOT STACKABLE – only the highest valued discount is provided.

Hayduke Tour Includes: Guide service, monster F-350 support truck, all delicious meals, energy food, liquid refreshments, water bottles, shuttles, a special cycling gift, and mechanical support. Alcoholic beverages and massage therapy are additional.

Hardcore Hayduke Tour Includes: Guide service to help move camp and support the tour on a daily basis, monster F-350 support truck, all delicious meals, energy food, liquid refreshments, water bottles, shuttles, a special cycling gift, and mechanical support. Alcoholic beverages, Scott Genius 730 Plus bike rental ($300) and massage therapy are additional.

Meeting and Ending Logistics and Locations (click to view)

Week #1 LOGISTICS: Kanab, Utah to Henry Mountains

Week #1 meets at the following hotel in St. George, UT at 7:00 AM on Tour Start Day.

Courtyard Marriott
185 S 1470 E
St George, UT 84790

Follow this link for a discounted rate to the Grand Junction Courtyard Marriott. Please note that rooms at this rate are limited.

If one is flying to week #1 of the Hayduke Tour, fly into Las Vegas, NV (McCarran International Airport - LAS) and arrange for a shuttle to the meeting hotel in St. George, UT. Shuttles run multiple times each hour. Reservations can be made with St. George Shuttle (800.933.8320) or St. George Express (435.652.1100) and should be made well in advance.

Alternatively you can also fly into St. George, UT (SGU Regional Airport - SGU) which is serviced by Delta, American and United with limited daily flights.

If one is driving to week #1 of the Hayduke tour, we generally meet Lizard Head Cycling Guides on the day prior (Day 0) to the tour's official start date at the Courtyard Marriott in Grand Junction, Colorado and shuttle guests to St. George. IMPORTANT: Please wait for your tour's official confirmation to confirm these details. Please contact us to confirm shuttle times.

NOTE: Alternatively guests driving in from the west on I-70 can meet Lizard Head Cycling in Green River, Utah on Day 0. Cars can be left in either Green River or Grand Junction. From either location Lizard Head Cycling will shuttle riders to the start in St. George, UT. IMPORTANT: Please wait for your tour's official confirmation to confirm these details. Please contact us to confirm shuttle times.

Post-Tour Logistics Week #1 (Kanab, Utah to Henry Mountains): The Hayduke tour (Kanab to Henry Mountains) ends in the Henry Mountains where riders enjoy a final farewell dinner with the group and stay the night. Early the next morning riders depart via shuttle and arrive back in Green River and Grand Junction. Please contact us to confirm shuttle times.

WEEK #2 LOGISTICS: Henry Mountains to Moab, Utah

Week #2 meets at the following hotel in Grand Junction, CO.

Courtyard by Marriott Grand Junction
765 Horizon Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81506

Follow this link for a discounted rate to the Courtyard by Marriott Grand Junction. Please note that rooms at this rate are limited.

Meeting Time Week #2 Hayduke (Henry Mountains to Moab) meets at 12:00 PM noon on the day prior (Day 0) to the tour's official start date. If you are arriving close to 12:00 PM noon (by 1:00 PM) on Day 0, this should be okay, but PLEASE let us know your travel plans in advance. IMPORTANT: Please wait for your tour's official confirmation to confirm these details.

If one is flying to week #2 of the Hayduke Tour (Henry Mountains to Moab), then fly into Grand Junction, CO (Grand Junction Regional Airport - GJT). Both the Courtyard by Marriott meeting hotel and the nearby Clarion Inn Horizon Drive offer free airport shuttles. NOTE: If staying at the Clarion Inn, call them at 970.243.6790 and ask for a $84.00 Lizard Head Cycling Guides rate.

If one is driving to week #2 of the Hayduke tour, vehicles may be left at either the Courtyard Marriott or Clarion Inn for the duration of the tour.

Post-Tour Logistics Week #2 (Henry Mountains to Moab, Utah): Ends in Moab where we enjoy a celebratory brew or two at the Moab Brewery and then a farewell dinner out on the town that night in Moab.

On the post tour morning Lizard Head Cycling provides a shuttle from Moab to the Courtyard Marriott in Grand Junction, CO and the Grand Junction airport. The cost of this shuttle is $55/per person. Please contact us to reserve a spot and to confirm shuttle times.


All guests are responsible for their own post-tour lodging in Moab, UT. Lizard Head Cycling will designate one hotel in Moab where guests should make their post tour reservations. It is important that guests are in one hotel so that logistically the shuttle vehicle does not have to drive all over town to retrieve guests the following morning. IMPORTANT: Please wait for your tour's official confirmation to confirm these details.

If you would like to camp or stay in a cabin this night, make your reservation at the Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground (800.644.9113) which is located diagonally across the street from the Moab Brewery. Space is limited at the Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground. Our guides will be camped here this night.


Private Groups and Tour Length: The Hayduke Trail tour can be booked as a private tour with 9 riders or the equivalent thereof. If your riders can “crush it”, full tour length can be reduced from 12 to 8 days by increasing the daily mileage from the current 30 to 40-miles per day to 50 to 60-miles ridden per day.

The Weather: The months of May and September & early October are the sweet spots in this extreme landscape. During these months if there are no clouds, expect average high temperatures in the lower desert (below 6,000-feet) in low to mid 80’s and in the mountains (above 8,000-feet) expect highs in the upper 70’s. During its epic journey the Hayduke MTB tour crosses both rugged canyon country and two mountain ranges with elevations peaking out at 10,000-feet. So the Hayduke is not simply a desert tour!

Camper’s Gear: Rental Tent, Ground-Cot or Pad & Sleeping Bag
One-Week @ $85 and Two-Weeks @ $150. Lizard Head Cycling offers rental of late model camping gear. The rental tent is a 3-person Sierra Design tent (sleeps 2 comfortably). The ground cots are two inches above the ground and allows campers to sleep on one’s side. The Ground pads are 1.5 inches thick and our synthetic sleeping bags are rated for 20 degrees (warm & comfy in the wild).
**Al la Carte tent rental is $55 for 1 week and $100 for 2 weeks.

Highlights Include: This route across southern Utah includes the Grand Staircase Escalante National MonumentCapitol Reef National Park, the Henry Mountains, the Sierra Abajos, Glen Canyon and Lockhart Basin.

Mountain Bike Rentals

For 2021, Lizard Head Cycling Guides is proud to rent the Scott Spark 930, a truly fantastic way to go up or down a mountain. We have been riding mountain bikes for a very long time here at Lizard Head, but we can easily say our rentals are the most fun mountain bikes we have ever ridden. The Spark 930 blends the featherweight lineage of its race focused cousin with the single track chops of a 120mm travel ripper - this bike is up for anything.

The Spark 930 features: Spark Carbon HMF-Alloy Frame, FOX 34 Float Performance 130mm Fork, FOX Nude EVOL/120mm/TwinLoc rear shock, Shimano XT-SLX 12 Speed Drivetrain, Shimano Deore Disc Brakes, Syncros X-25 TR Rims, Maxxis Rekon Folding Tires, plus Syncros Dropper Post. Approx. Weight: 28.88 lbs / 13.10 kg (without pedals)

Learn More: Click Here to learn more about our Mountain Bike Rentals including pricing.

If you have any further questions, please read more on our Rental Bikes FAQ page. You can also email us at info@lizardheadcyclingguides.com or call us at 970.728.5891

Solid Waste Management: We get asked how this works on our back country tours and here is a great explanation.

Overall Route Map

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: 450-Miles over 13-Days

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: 400 Miles over 12-Days

Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: Itineraries*

*Tour itineraries are subject to change and modification based on the group, available accommodations and other unforeseen circumstances including weather, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, landslides and/or other acts of nature. Please view this itinerary as an outline as to what to expect on this tour.

NOTE: Click to view the itineraries below.

Hardcore Hayduke

Hardcore Hayduke 9-Day Itinerary

***CLICK HERE to jump to Tour Dates***

Due to popular demand, Lizard Head Cycling Guides has created the Hardcore Hayduke! On this special Hayduke Trail MTB Tour we will ride all 440-miles of the Hayduke Trail in only 9-Days!

Ride the entire Hayduke Trail tour in just 9-days!
Photo: Jake Stangel / jakestangel.com

Can it be done? Yes it has been done and it is awesome, but it is not for the timid cyclist. Our 9-Day Hardcore Hayduke option (8-days of riding with a weather contingency day) averages 55-miles per day on dirt and as a result is only for cyclists who have previously ridden this type of mileage on consecutive days. Expect to pedal for about 6 hours per day not including rest time. On this route there is not a rest day, but there happily is a support vehicle! So if one becomes entirely knackered, they can jump in the truck and make it to the next camp. On the Hardcore Hayduke breakfasts will be early so riders can roll out with the morning sun. The Hardcore is rated level 4 and as such it is the hardest tour type we offer. NOTE: Clients must have experience on a similar length road or dirt tour to ride the Hardcore Hayduke. Five of the Hardcore's stages are the dirt equivalent of 100-mile days on the road.

Please contact us for additional details at 970.728.5891 or info@lizardheadcyclingguides.com

Hardcore Hayduke Elevation Profiles

NOTE: This tour is 8 days of riding over the course of 9 days. The extra day is a weather contingency day.

Day 1 Elevation Profile: 64 mi +6425 ft / -3790 ft

Day 2 Elevation Profile: 62 mi +5700 ft / -6590 ft

Day 3 Elevation Profile: 53 mi +4335 ft / -4450 ft

Day 4 Elevation Profile: 41 mi +6425 ft / -5490 ft

Day 5 Elevation Profile: 65 mi +4730 ft / -4380 ft

Day 6 Elevation Profile: 64 mi +4705 ft / -5505 ft

Day 7 Elevation Profile: 35 mi +1040 ft / -2565 ft

Day 8 Elevation Profile: 41 mi +2625 ft / -3120 ft

Hayduke Trail Week-One

Kanab to Henry Mountains 6-Day Itinerary

***CLICK HERE to jump to Tour Dates***

Pre-Tour Meeting in St. George, Utah
Most guests will opt to fly into the Las Vegas, Nevada airport (LAS) and then catch one of the regular shuttles provided by St. George Shuttle Service to the town of St. George. The meeting hotel is the Courtyard Marriott in St. George, Utah. NOTE: If the Courtyard Marriott is not available, try the Comfort Inn at the Convention Center as a good option.

Week-One Synopsis: Kanab to Henry Mountains

  • Total Mileage: 220 miles
  • Total Elevation Gain: 17,600 feet
  • Total Elevation Loss: 16,400 feet

The first week of the Hayduke Trail MTB Tour starts in the Utah desert town of Big Water, Utah, which is just west of Lake Powell. From Big Water cyclists embark on a 400+ mile mountain bike odyssey into Utah's otherworldly back-of-beyond terrain.

The Hayduke Trail MTB route starts on Smoky Mountain Road, so named for the smoke smoldering out from 100-year-old coal fires deep beneath Smoky Mountain. This section of the route in the Grand Staircase National Monument features unparalleled views of Lake Powell’s remote western flanks, Navajo Mountain, and the Kaiparowits Plateau. The 78-mile road is mostly smooth sailing (when it is dry) on a mixed clay with the occasional choppy section.

The Hayduke Trail MTB route then descends into the solitude of Left Hand Colette canyon, where it is entirely possible not another person will be encountered. On Day 3 the route intersects Utah’s Highway 12 (aka hole-in-the-rock road). Highway 12 will take us over the Hogsback past the 125-foot Calf Creek Waterfall to the oasis of Boulder, Utah.

Just outside of the town of Boulder we will rinse of the blood, sweat, and tears of the route to this point with a natural shower at Calf Creek Falls. In Boulder town cyclists may have the option of adding a night’s lodging at either the Boulder Mountain Lodge or Pole’s Place. Boulder marks the start of the Burr Trail and 60+ miles of  incredibly scenic biking with thousands of feet of elevation gain and loss. The Burr Trail encompasses Long Canyon, the Wolverine Loop, the switchbacks of the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park and Bull Frog road. From the top of the Waterpocket Fold we will get our first look at the infamously rugged Henry Mountains.

WEEK 1 CONTINUED: Over the course of 46-miles throughout days 5 and 6, riders climb 6,000-feet up the Henry Mountains reaching a maximum elevation of just over 10,000’ above sea level. The east side of the Henry Mountains descent marks the completion of Week-One and the location in which Week-Two riders will join the Hayduke Trail MTB Tour.

Week-One: Daily Elevation Profiles

Below are the daily elevation profiles for Week-One of the Hayduke Trail MTB Tour.

Day 1: Big Water to Heads of the Creek (30 miles/+2,800 feet)

Day 2: Heads of the Creek to Cow Camp (35 miles/+3,835 feet)

Day 3: Cow Camp to Deer Creek Campground (47 miles/+3,030 feet)

Day 4: Deer Creek Campground to Cedar Mesa Campground (41 miles/+3,660 feet)

Day 4: E.F.I. Bonus Ride - Wolverine Loop (23 miles/+2,060 feet)

Day 5: Cedar Mesa to McMillan Camp (27 miles/+3,855 feet)

Day 6: McMillan Campground to Cottonwood Campground (21 miles/+2,145 feet)

Day 6: E.F.I Bonus Ride - Poison Springs Out & Back (48 miles/+2,990 feet)

Hayduke Trail Week-Two

Henry Mountains to Moab 6-Day Itinerary

***CLICK HERE to jump to Tour Dates***

Pre-Tour Meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado
Riders joining the Hayduke Trail bike tour for Week-Two (Henry Mountains to Moab) meet on the day prior to their tour start at 12-noon at the Courtyard Marriott airport meeting hotel in Grand Junction, CO. From the Courtyard Marriott we will shuttle to the East side of the rugged Henry Mountains to meet comrades who have ridden Week-One (Big Water to Henry Mountains).

Week-Two Synopsis: Henry Mountains to Moab, Utah

  • Total Mileage: 220 miles
  • Total Elevation Gain: 13,406 feet
  • Total Elevation Loss: 14,367 feet

Week 2 begins from the Henry Mountains and ends in Moab, Utah where we enjoy a celebratory brew or two at the Moab Brewery and then a night on the town with a farewell dinner.

NOTE: Guests are responsible for their own post tour lodging in Moab (see confirmation document for hotel details). At 7:00 am the following morning post tour Lizard Head Cycling provides a complimentary shuttle (1.5 hours) to the Courtyard Marriott and the Grand Junction airport in Grand Junction, Colorado. Guests can expect to arrive in Grand Junction at 9:30 am.

Week-2 of the Hayduke Trail MTB Tours starts in the Henry Mountains with a cruiser section of paved road on Highway 95 known as the "Trail of the Ancients." Highway 95 is a stunning section of highway carved into Redrock Canyon walls. It is a welcomed relief to those who have just conquered the Henry's and an excellent warm up opportunity for those just getting on board.

Then, after crossing the mighty Colorado River just outside of Hite, a mostly submerged town site under Lake Powell, the next 163-miles serves up some of the most remote terrain the Wild West has to offer, starting with Wooden Shoe Road. This road, co-"maintained" by the BLM and Forest Service requires at least 8" of vehicle clearance, ensuring other human encounters are rare at best.

Along the way, guests will have numerous opportunities to contemplate the meaning of it all while gazing down into the Dark Canyon, a 2,500-foot deep canyon wilderness area that was designated for its deep canyon graced with unique steep sandstone cliffs and a vast archaeological record.

On Day 9 & 10 desert sandstone slowly gives way to shady forest of Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, aspen, and Gambel oak as we begin our ascent into the tour's second major group of mountains, the Sierra Abajos. Over the next 35 miles and 3,000 feet of elevation gain and loss, you may feel like you have gone back in time to the days of the old west, sharing the road almost exclusively with the occasional cowboy and cattle herder.

Horse Mountain on Day 11 marks the high point and then it is all down hill to Beef Basin where a few of the obstacles will likely be grazing. After the Sieraa Abajo descent we will continue north, skirting around Canyonlands National Park to the West. Guests will enjoy a short 9-mile route through Indian Creek, a world-renowned rock climbing area and archeological wonder.

Riders continue onward past the entrance to the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park before arriving at the start of the routes final spectacular section of the tour through Lockhart Basin. Paralleling the White Rim Trail just across the Colorado River, the Lockhart Basin Trail is a bike-it list ride for any mountain bike enthusiast. The route follows a jeep road all the way from the Needles District of Canyonlands to Hurrah Pass. The last 20 miles of Lockhart Basin will be the equivalent of our victory lap before arriving at victory lane, known to the locals as the Moab Brewery.

POST TOUR: Upon reaching Moab if riders desire post tour lodging or camping, they are responsible for these reservations (hotel details provided in the confirmation document). On the morning following the tour, Lizard Head Cycling will provide a shuttle back to the Courtyard Marriott in Grand Junction at 7am. Expect to arrive in Grand Junction by 9:00 am.

Week-Two: Daily Elevation Profiles

Below are the daily elevation profiles for Week-Two of the Hayduke Trail MTB Tour. NOTE: Week -Two encompasses Days 7 thru 12 of the Hayduke Tour.

Day 7: Cottonwood to Rocky Top Camp (37 miles/+2,521 feet)

Day 8: Rocky Top to Dark Canyon Camp (21 miles/+2,135 feet)

Day 9: Dark Canyon to Hammond Canyon Camp (32 miles/+3,325 feet)

Day 10: Hammond Canyon Camp to Mushroom Camp (33 miles/+1,485 feet)

Day 11: Mushroom Camp to Lockhart Camp (34 miles/+710 feet)

Day 12: Lockhart Camp to Moab (44 miles/+3,195 feet)


Hayduke Trail MTB Tour: Logistics & FAQs

Bike Shipping

Lizard Head Cycling recommends shipping with BikeFlights.com. Bikes can be shipped either to our partner bike shop in each meeting town for professional assembly or directly to the meeting hotel for self-assembly. Bike boxes can generally be left at the meeting hotel during the tour. Bikes shipped across the continental US should be shipped 8 days prior to your tour.

The Hayduke Trail MTB Tour rides through one of the most inacessible areas in the lower 48 states. As a result we primarily camp at undeveloped campsites each night.

Cleaning Up
We bring solar showers that allow cyclists to clean up while on the Hayduke.

Guides in camp will prepare all meals. Meals include: Dutch oven lasagna, wild salmon, grilled chicken, salads, quinoa, fruits and lots of seasonal veggies. Any dietary preferences or allergies should be noted on the registration form. Each of Lizard Head Cycling’s lunches contains gluten free options.

Ride Difficulty
This custom tour is designed for Upper Intermediate to Advanced cyclists. The terrain ranges from rugged jeep roads, to rocky streams, sand and mountain dirt.

Tour Support
A 4-wheel drive flatbed truck (aka the mother ship) carries luggage, food and equipment in support of the Hayduke Trail MTB Tour. Cyclists pack their lunch and water in their packs.

Electronics & Charging
One of the best parts about this tour is the opportunity it provides for one to detach from the world of emails and ringtones. Yet, most guests find that they still have devices, such as cameras, GPS, and iPods, that require charging. While the mother ship does has the ability to spare a little juice, it is typically reserved for guide communications. Since in this remote terrain a dead truck battery is no bueno, so we encourage our guests with charging requirements to bring their own solar charger (we like Goal Zero products). To learn more about Solar Chargers and Portable Power, please click here.

There are also a large variety of high capacity USB battery packs (16000mAh or greater) that would also work well for multiple recharges of your devices such as those from Anker, RAVPower, and others.

General Tour & Cancellation Policies

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of our tour and cancellation policies, which can be found by clicking here.

Travel Insurance

Lizard Head Cycling Guides highly recommends clients purchase Travel Insurance through TripAssure. A policy can be purchased individually through the sales link below or Lizard Head Cycling Guides can also set-up a policy for its clients.

The estimated cost for a 50-year old buying insurance for a $2,500 tour ranges from $100 (standard plan) to about $200 (cancel for any reason plan).

Lizard Head Cycling Guides Custom Sales Portal Link is:


  • The best options for our clients are either the Asset or Bridge plans.
  • The Asset-Plus & Complete plans both include a Cancel-For-Any-Reason option.
    • As a result these plans cost more.
    • The Cancel-for-Any-Reason option is only available when insurance is purchased within two weeks of initial deposit.
  • For information on Coronavirus, please click here.

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