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Reptile Rewards & Tour Discounts

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Reptile Rewards

To honor the loyalty of our wonderful guests Lizard Head Cycling Guides has created the Reptile Rewards program. To sign-up all one has to do is to inform us of their previous tours when making a new reservation. Please Note: The Reptile Rewards program is retroactive to 2015.

Reptile Rewards One Year Reptile Rewards Three Years Reptile Rewards Five Years
  • After 1st Tour: $100 cash discount off future tours; $150 credit towards future tour for each new guest referral
  • After 3rd Tour: $200 cash discount off future tours
  • After 5th Tour: $200 cash discount and $100 off bike rental (Total Value of $300-)  
  • After 8th Tour: $200 cash discount and $150 off bike rental (Total Value of $350-)
  • After 10th: A Surprise!  There are a few special clients that will hit 10 trips in 2019!

Tour Discounts(*)

Lizard Head Cycling Guides can provide riders a Free-Bike-Rental/Alumni/Early-Bird/Group and Born on the 4th of July Discount. With all these discounts added together we’ll actually be paying riders to tour with us. 🙂 In all seriousness, tour discounts, including Reptile Rewards(*), are not “stackable”, meaning if there is more than one applicable cash discount for a rider’s tour, the highest valued discount is picked.

NOTE: Reptile Reward non-cash incentives (referral credits) accumulate and can be used together with applicable cash discounts.

STIPULATIONS: #1 Guest Referral credit is applied after the referred guest goes on a tour. #2 Discounts are not applicable on 3 or 4-day tours. #3 If a tour has not met its rider minimum of 6 riders and Lizard Head Cycling decides to run the tour, discounts are not applicable. #4 Discounts must be declared at the time of the reservation.

Discount for Booking Multiple Tours Ridden Same Year Advance – Book and ride two tours in the same season and save $200 on the second tour. Book and ride three or more tours in the same season and receive a $350 discount per tour.(†)

(†)Cannot be applied to existing reservations or combined with other discounts.

Group Discounts

  • $200 off for groups of 4 or more on Road tours of 5 or more days
  • $150 off for groups of 4 or more for MTB tours of 5 or more days

Register for a Tour

Are you ready to register for one of our tours? Great! Then go to our Registration page to sign-up today online.

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