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Scott Genius 720 Plus Chubby Bikes Have Landed!

The Fat/Chubby Bike Wave is Coming!
Lizard Head Cycling Guides has purchased a fleet of Scott Chubby bikes for 2016. These are 27.5 sized wheels with 3 inch wide tires.

Much as the ski industry was revolutionized by fat skis the bike industry is about to be remade by the fat bike wave. Although you may have seen a fat bike, Chubby Bikes are hitting the market in 2016. These are 3 inch wide tires, versus the 4 inch wide monster truck tires of fat bikes. So these are the equivalent of a “mid-fat” ski. Chubby bikes eat up the loose and rocky like fat skis eat up crud snow. They inspire confidence, provide increased stability and give amazing traction.

In essence Chubby Bikes ramp up the fun factor so making intermediate level technical ability riders feel confidant in loose or rocky terrain.

You can read some reviews of the Scott Genius 700 series bikes here @ SickLines and here @ Pinkbike.

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