Utah Mountains & National Parks Tour Testimonials
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Utah Mountains Tour Testimonials

Our new Utah tour has quickly been identified as a beautiful, but challenging, route. However, after riders spend the day toiling in the desert and through the canyons, they are rewarded with oases of food and comfort with each night’s lodging.


We really enjoyed the Red River Ranch Lodge. The great room has a Frederick Remington bronze cowboy on horse sculpture that is about 4 feet tall. It is quite impressive! We enjoyed our first day today. On the first day I just rode the first 18 miles to the lunch stop on the top of the pass. It was misting during my ride, but then it started raining so I took the van the rest of the way. My husband finished the ride. This country is beautiful and very uncrowded. I loved the TAOS mountain energy bars and plan to purchase some. It has been wonderful week and Steve has been a terrific guide. Thanks for organizing it all. – Diane

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5 Responses to “Utah Mountains Tour Testimonials”

  1. Karen says:

    I just finished up an awesome bike tour of the Utah mountains lead by Lizard’s DeAnne, Rashid, and Emily. They were fantastic guides and hosts! What an awesome crew you have! I will be back. 😀

  2. Mark G says:

    Thank you for a most enjoyable time on my just completed Utah Mountains Tour. Leslie and Dan provided excellent support, but the route was really the star, and quite wonderful; challenging, but not killer, beautiful, pretty safe, and unique. I will never forget descending into Zion (or the painful leg cramps I suffered on the second summit of Boulder Mountain!).

    Mark G

  3. Lou Ann K says:

    Great trip, great time. I learned so much about southern Utah! Leslie had such great ideas and Dan cold do it all.
    Lou Ann

  4. David Montgomery says:

    I have been on several similar bike tours.

    I want you to know that Ben and DeAnne were excellent. They provided great support, worked well together and were enjoyable to be with.

    A very well run tour. Thanks.

    PS – also love your stylish shirts.

  5. Michael Sachs says:

    The Utah Mountain tour was fantastic, the most beautiful places I have ever seen. DeAnne and Ben are great guides and have a really good understanding of the pulse of the group. The lodging and route selection were perfect and the food was even better. The heat and elevation were a trip and surprisingly enjoyable and I look forward to even more challenging adventures in the future.

    I am thinking about riding the Cols with Lizard Head next year, and would like to finally meeting you. Maybe sooner if I can convince my wife to let me come out this winter for an additional trip.

    Thanks for planning an excellent adventure

    Michael Sachs

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