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Testimonial Trail of the Apaches

Southern Arizona's Roads

Southern Arizona’s Roads

The Trail of the Apaches follows a rugged route across the southern Arizona borderlands while climbing the sky islands on lonely roads with little traffic.

“The Trail of the Apaches was a joy to ride.  The routes were challenging, but able to be conquered.  The terrain was amazing with long straight flats, as well as the challenges of climbing Kitts Peak, Mules Pass and the penultimate peak on Mt Graham.  The deserts of Arizona really have their own natural beauty, and this tour took us right through it.  But if great riding and challenges are all you are looking for, jump in on this, because there is so much more that will pleasantly surprise you.  Patagonia was a great little artist town, very small but with loads of character.  It’s well off the beaten path and a great place for an overnight stop.  Bisbee on the other hand seems to be a tourist destination, complete with “Haunted” Hotels, so make sure you get John to read some of the ghost stories.

If I was to rate the riding and lodging alone I would give it an A, but add in the support, the lunches and the personality that both John and Steve brought and this trip was off the charts.  I greatly enjoyed the Tour of the Apaches, enough I would think about doing the same tour again, but I will certainly be doing another tour with Lizard Head Cycling Guides.

I think I can speak for the whole of the group on this trip and say a great time was had by all.”

From Dustin W.

4/16 Trail of the Apaches Rider

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2 Responses to “Testimonial Trail of the Apaches”

  1. Ilse and Bruce says:

    Dear John:
    Many grateful thanks for your package of cycling shirts, and your hand written note, that were delivered to us by Emily on our recent ride in Apache country.

    We enjoyed this ride very much: unique accommodation, quiet empty roads; blooming cacti; and we were lucky with the weather; beautiful country of great variation and contours – we loved it.

    Emily and Mitch worked very hard to keep the group happy, well fed, and safe. They did a great job.

    Take care and thanks again.

  2. Mark S. Baumkel says:

    Once again, thank you for great tour ( and especially for aid/encouragement to my one legged hike on day one). Also, one legged biking up Mt. Kitt and Mt. Graham was indeed a challenge– but extremely rewarding at being accomplished, and amazingly great physical therapy, as my injured leg feels much stronger than before the tour.

    John, you are an amazing host, skillfully being a combination of guide, friend, chef, coach and business proprietor. I wish you success and look forward to another adventure together.

    Mark S. Baumkel

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