Glacier National Park Bike Tour
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Glacier National Parks Tour

New in 2013, the Glacier Tour explores the nearly car-less roads of Glacier National Park, and offers some truly authentic lodging.  Riders spend the week traveling north through the park and  into Canada (passport required!), and enjoy a rest day in the relaxing and adventurous town of Waterton Park, before traveling back south. 2014 promises to be an even greater adventure, with the potential for a “bare bones” tour where riders forego the comfort of the lodges and instead camp out at various sites through the park.


One of our easier tours (slightly shorter days in the saddle and a little less climbing than usual), Glacier also offers spectacular hiking, boating, and phenomenal wildlife viewing.


Learn more about the Glacier National Park Bike Tour.

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One Response to “Glacier National Parks Tour”

  1. Mike R says:

    DeAnne and Rashid are worth their collective weight in gold – If I were you I would consider myself extremely lucky to have them guiding tours. Not only can they both ride circles around 99.9% of normal humans, but they also have a genuine caring and friendly manner towards everyone. They kept the bikes in perfect condition. They anticipated our every need because they knew where we would be hungry, where we would be tired, whether or not we would be dealing with headwinds, traffic, rough roads, rain, sun, or anything else out there. I also liked very much that they had the latitude to think on their feet and make decisions for the best, like you described about us being able to ride the Going to the Sun road on Sunday instead of Wednesday, that was DeAnne’s judgement (for realizing that the weather conditions were unacceptable on Wednesday) and leadership (for explaining perfectly and forming a unanimous consensus among the group) deciding that we could substitute the rafting for the Going to the Sun ride in reverse.

    I don’t have any negative feedback. I enjoyed the tour very much and I’ll be back again.

    Mike R

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