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Moab Back of Beyond Testimonials


Arches National Park

2013 saw our inaugural Moab & Back of Beyond bike tour, a tour which has quickly become a Lizard Head favorite among both the staff and our riders. This tour offers both bike easier cruising and big, bold climbs. It offers, by far and away, some of the coolest scenery and natural features of any of the Lizard Head tours. As an ideal spring or fall tour, the Moab & Back of Beyond Tour it is an excellent way to either get your season started or wrap it up with a grand finale.


We’ll see you on the road!

Below are testimonials from previous Moab riders, have a read and see what you think… Could you be a Moab Master?

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3 Responses to “Moab Back of Beyond Testimonials”

  1. Chris says:

    I was an exceptional trip, with great weather and beguiling landscapes. Drafting behind the swift dogs is great. My only regret is trying mountain biking and realizing the limited options here in Ohio. Might have to go for a MTN bike trip. Maybe see you on the slopes, but not backcountry. Meditate with power!

  2. Leslie says:

    Thanks for a great week of cycling! Leslie and Emily were terrific and the group was a lot of fun. It was great to see very different people come together to form a tight group by the end of the week. There were a couple of climbs where I would look back and was sad that there were no more gears to make peddling easier. We decided we would like you to order bikes with more gears, a geiger counter for when we are going through uranium country, and sunshine for every day. 🙂 Other than those things the trip was perfect. See you soon, Leslie

  3. Jeff A says:

    Hello John. It was great to meet you last week, and have the opportunity to participate, and to get to know you and Leslie. Everything was perfect, and it was such a great group. Like recognizing a tail wind, it is also good to acknowledge great group dynamics and show appreciation when it presents itself. So thanks again, good luck with all ball-juggling, and life in general. My guess is we will meet again, so happy trails!
    Kind regards. Jeff

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