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Texas Hill Country Testimonial

Ride under the Oaks in Texas

Ride under the Oaks in Texas

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10 Responses to “Texas Hill Country Testimonial”

  1. Pace says:

    I’ve been meaning to write and let you know how much I enjoyed the tour in the Hill Country. The tour guides were PHENOMENAL in every way. They prepared delicious and nutritious meals for us, were very clear in providing directions and plans for the day, and anticipated our needs before we did. They were top notch in every way – extremely patient, good-natured, and so very competent. It was a luxury to not have to worry about any of the details. I would definitely do another tour with them — they were 80% of the value of the trip. Everyone became very fond of them and although I’m sure we wore them down, they never showed anything but a happy, positive, can-do attitude.

  2. Betsy says:

    We are amazed how the bike trip was such a fabulous break from daily routines. And the best endurance training ever for my swimming. 🙂

  3. Howard says:

    Linda and I just wanted to thank you for a great trip in Hill Country. It absolutely exceeded our expectations. DeAnne and Rashid were incredible, the food delicious and the riding superb. The night in Blanco was “music to our ears”. The band was appreciative of our attention and would have played forever despite the sparse crowd.

    The entire week was seamless and a credit to you and the Lizard Head crew. We are looking forward to our next adventure with Lizard Head.

  4. Barry Miller says:

    Yes, it really was a great week in Hill Country! We were fortunate to have good weather, great scenery and great support throughout. What I think sets your tour apart from others is the inclusion of the outdoor bbq’s and the live music. These greatly added to the communal feel of the trip and made it easier to get to know our travel companions. Of course good lodgings and food are crucial to the enjoyment of these tours and you excelled on those fronts. Touring cyclists tend to be good people. Thanks again for managing such a good tour!

    P.S. – You have the highest quality swag of any tour I’ve been on. 🙂

  5. Jim says:

    Thanks for a great week, Sue and I had a lot of fun. I think you have done an amazing job in route finding and balancing the road time with interesting cultural sites.

  6. Sue Y says:

    Great trip! Thanks for making this a birthday to remember (although I am starting to forget most things- lol)!!

  7. Kristen Copeland says:

    I had a completely fabulous time on this trip!!! Literally, I came home happier than I had been in four years. Even my book club members, who I just saw for the first time two weeks after I returned, were like, “Who are you?! And what happened to the angst-ridden Kristen we used to know?” I do not lie.

    For me, the trip was a perfect balance of athletic challenges, beautiful and soul-restoring natural scenery (except for that awful highway on the way to Greune right after lunch on critical Thursday–you need to fix that!), delightful bantering with other fun (and ageless!) cyclists, comfort food, plush accommodations filled with character, live music, beer, and dancing!! What more could a girl want? Oh—dark chocolate and a tequila shot? Well, John provided that, too!! So, as you can see, I am smitten with week-long cycling tours, particularly Lizard Head tours, and Steve and I are already talking about when we will take our next trip.

  8. Muriel says:

    I loved this ride – the hills, the flowers, the heat! John and Matt did a great job of finding cozy accommodations, good food and great musical experiences. The weaving, windy roads of the Texas Hills cuased some confusion along the way for those of us who are directionally challenged – but we all found our way to the great watering holes at the end of the day! This is a great start to the season.

  9. Marj O. says:

    What a great ride, and such a nice break from Winter. Texas was not at all what I expected, very beautiful, lots of hills, and not much wind. Great weather, lovely hotels, tasty food, and the company of fellow cyclists, all added up to a wonderful adventure!!!

  10. Martha C says:

    Good times, good music, good friends, good riding; what more could one ask for?

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