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Road Bike Tours, 970-728-5891

There’s nothing more beautiful than riding down a road through a valley between great orange brown canyons while your own feet pedal you further into an adventure. One of the best ways to take in this world’s natural beauty is by joining one of many road bike tours now offered throughout the United States. These bike tours can include routes going through deserts, national parks, mountains, or other attractions like breweries and extremely comfortable lodgings. Road bike tours have become increasingly popular for all kinds of cyclists ranging from beginnings, weekend bikers, intermediates, and professionals alike. It’s a great way to join others doing something you love, and go on a fun adventure all at the same time. offers everything you need to go on the road bike adventure of your dreams. With already set tours like the Victorian Hotels tour, which passes through beautiful scenery and breweries for 6 days, you can expect a great time. Riding 50 miles a day, with secure vehicle-support following, lodging, dining, entrance fees, refreshments, guide service, and optional bike rentals/shipping, there’s really nothing else you could ask for. If there is something else you need, then Lizard Head Cycling is there to help! We can arrange for custom road bike tours or simply help you find which tour is right for you at your level of cycling. We take pride in not only providing an amazing cycling experience but also customer service that suits all of your needs.

With so many road bike touring options to choose from, it may be difficult to decide on which one you want to go on most! For the real pros we offer tours like the USA Pro Challenge: Colorado Bike Tour without the stress of a regular race. We make sure the road is clear and that you can ride, sleep, and eat in style while immersed in a celebratory atmosphere with other cycling collogues. Even if you are not a professional cyclist, there are also numerous other road bike tours that ride through fall foliage, rivers, mountains, and other natural beauties. You can be sure with your decision to ride with Lizard Head Cycling, because we’re here to help you have the ride of your life.

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