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Bike Tours Colorado, 970-728-5891

Some of the most incredible and breathtaking landscapes in the country are found on bike tours Colorado. Imagine for one second, being surrounded by a 360-degree view of nothing but mountainous terrain. The smooth single-track course is long but enthralling, challenging but inviting. Suddenly, your effort pays off as you descend and cruise for 4,000 feet. The wind rushes, your lungs fill up with pure and calming oxygen. 31 miles later and you are on a shuttle and on your way to the campsite where you rest up for the next day’s adventure. That is day one of one of the many bike tours that offers cyclist enthusiasts.

Lizard Head Cycling offers numerous multi-day bike tours Colorado that one can choose from. Each tour is carefully crafted with the upmost attention to detail and to rider’s safety. Logistics are dealt with, all equipment is provided, food is planned out, and trails are confirmed, lodging and all additional transportation requirements are taken care of. All the rider needs to do is to show up for the ride.

With our experience and love for cycling beautiful Colorado trails, is easily recognized as one of the best options for bike tours Colorado. Our founder has over 20 years of experience, which is evident in each of the carefully planned multi-day bike tours. Riders can expect to be pushed but also supported through their journey.

While the Colorado Trail mountain bike tour is for experience riders, our Lizard Head Cycling team can help you assess your level. Just give us a call and you can expect to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable representative that will offer you honest opinions and advice. Those who want to train for their ride can also call in and receive training tips to make sure they are ready to go when the day comes.

It is without a doubt that is the place to go for the most helpful and stress-free way to plan a biking vacation trip.

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