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The Roads Least Traveled: Bike Tours

The Roads Least Traveled: Bike Tours

Lizard Head Cycling Guides’ bike tours explore the country’s least travel & most scenic roads.  Our tours create a palpable sense of discovery and adventure along quiet roads.

What is Lizard Head Cycling’s most Remote Bike Tour? 

Our Whiterock and Redrock Canyons bike tours through western Colorado and Utah’s canyon country held the designation of most remote tours until the creation of the Tour de Gila in 2012.

Although all three of these tours are way-out-in-the-way-backthe Gila Bike Tour is now considered the leader for most remote bike tour.  Although the Gila is not exactly in the middle of nowhere, you can see it from there!

The Gila tour rides through the rugged Gila Mountains of southwest New Mexico.  The roads in the Gila offer riding on quiet, nearly empty roads and that twist and turn from start to finish.

We are very excited about our new Tour de Gila.

Day 4 Tour de Gila: Crossing the remote Los Pinos Range

“You’ll be ready for a Lizard Head Cycling tour when you are finished with a Lizard Head Tour”

Let’s face it, unless one quits their day job it is difficult to simulate a week long bike tour.  Lizard Head Cycling’s tours our designed for intermediate to advanced riders and although our tours offer a bit more challenge then our competitor’s bike tours, our shuttle vehicles are there to offer a “bump” when needed.

How our Shuttle and Mileage Options Work:

Our bike tours are designed to offer cyclists a significant challenge while at the same time providing easily accessible mileage options for cyclists of varying fitness levels.  This system works with a support vehicle that jumps ahead rather then “sags” to set up aid stations along the route.  Cyclists customize their experience by choosing to start each day’s ride from the hotel, the stage’s first aid station or at the top of the day’s big hill.  Cyclists can linger at lunch and explore a National Park or National Monument.

This custom system works well for our guests, it truly allows varying abilities to enjoy the same bike tour.  In the big picture very few people ever visit these spectacularly remote areas of America.  Of those that do visit, 99.9% will do so in a vehicle.  So if you pedal 300 of a 4oo mile tour, you are in such a small minority that it should be celebrated!

On average about 60% of our guests pedal EFI (every freaking inch) of our bike tours.  It is common for cyclists to take a 15 to 30 mile “bump” at some point during their tours.

  • If you have questions about your ability to ride a bike tour, please contact us.

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