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Gila Tour Testimonial: New Mexico Bike Tour

The Gila's Coronado Trail Day 6 is one to remember

The Gila’s Coronado Trail Day 6 is one to remember

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7 Responses to “Gila Tour Testimonial: New Mexico Bike Tour”

  1. Tobin says:

    John you rock my socks! The trip was so fun and boy you said it! We did we get lucky with the wind. I still can’t get over how much joy hit me on Day 5 on the way to AZ the combo of scenery and buildup on how hard that ride was for me was just euphoric. Riding with you at the end of that day was just what the doctor ordered. That day is up there as one of my favorite days on a bike so far. Also, big props to the trip leaders. Mitch was so kick ass! What great knowledge and vibes he carried with him. I wish he would do other trips outside of just the Gila. And you! You have this unique and powerful ability to bring smiles to peoples faces even when their asses are beat from riding. You have the playful gene and it is such a good trait to have. Whether it was playing shuffle board or trying to race up a hill against you, you were always game. These trips always inspire me in many different ways and from this one I learned the lesson of how to enjoy the moment. I had a blast and can’t wait for the next trip!

  2. Kimberly Page says:

    Dear Everyone at LHCG: Words simply won’t do justice to how epic this ride was! The entire group, riders and guides, leader John, Patricio and Leslie – was awesome. The tour was filled with spectacular riding, amazing support, and beautiful country. Accommodations and food at each place was ‘all-star’ – I can’t pick a favorite (maybe Clifton -!)!!. I was especially impressed by how great John led – relaxed and adapting to challenges, including fires and a very diverse band of riders. Even though our group was often bringing up the rear – we never felt out of place. This is a challenging and equally rewarding ride. We are already planning our next adventure with you! Thank you for one of the best adventures ever!! Kim

  3. Ilse & Bruce says:

    Hi Lizard Head Cycling,
    We hope this finds you well. We want to compliment you on the guides you chose for the Tour of Gila. Both Matt and Chuck were knowledgable, supportive, thoughtful and lots fun. Of special note were the lovely places and people who hosts us (Murray Hotel, Theresa and her husband at the Little Toad Inn and Jennie and Bonnie at Charley’s Mtn Retreat in Alpine, Arizona).

    The half – day rest in Silver City was very welcome. And of course, the lovely couple (Ray and his wife) in Clifton with the hot showers and brisket sandwiches to end the ride was out of this world. This is a lovely ride, nicely designed and of course challenging!!
    We look forward to another adventure with your team. Take care of yourself, and thanks again.

    Ilse and Bruce

  4. DeAnne Gabriel says:

    What pure delight to not have to do anything but ride bikes and get the necessary fuel and rest to just wake up and do it all again! The roads were beautiful, company great, lodging perfect, scenery spectacular, and weather pretty glorious all-in-all. I would highly recommend this or any other Lizard Head tour, but the Gilas are not something to be missed!

  5. Wes Young says:

    Matt and Erik our guides were great, always very cheerful and helpful. They made great lunches and best of all they had stroopwafels for snacks. The Coronado Trail (Day 6: US191) is such a great road to ride, I have some of my cycling friends talked into doing it (Alpine to Morenci) in the spring.

  6. Mark Schwarzman says:

    No one seems to know about this area, but I would recommend this trip to anyone. The scenery was beautiful; I loved the trees and the mountains. Motorists were very friendly and gave us a wide berth. I was amazed by how good the roads were. It was my sons first trip of this kind and he loved it. New Mexico lived up to its name as the Enchanted State.

  7. B. Steinberg says:

    “You guys have set the benchmark for other tour companies, what you have found out here is gold”.

    “That was the craziest f’ing road I have ever ridden”. (Day 6’s Coronado Trail)

    “If I never ride a bike again, that will be ok”.

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