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Bike Tours, 970-728-5891

It’s not hard to see the health benefits of cycling. Hardcore cardio that doesn’t hurt your muscles, it’s truly a great way to stay extremely fit. Combining the health benefits with endless opportunities for travel, it’s obvious why the sport continues to grow more popular each year. Road and mountain bike touring is quickly becoming one of the leading recreational sports in the entire world. With ecotourism, road, adventure, and beginner biking trips around Europe and the Americas, more and more people are choosing to dive into the fun and adventurous sport of cycling. offers the leading bike tours and guides in the Colorado Rockies, one of the most astoundingly natural beauties in the United States. Our services at Lizard Head Cycling Guides vary one-day road to multi-day mountain bike tours. Many of the tour guides have over ten years of cycling experience and you can be sure that other cyclists will surround you at your level of expertise. We strive to ensure that our bike tours are created with a customer-service oriented approach and followed through with a strong degree of adventure and creativity.

At Lizard Head Cycling Guides, we have created bike tours for summer, spring, and fall. Our tours were made to accentuate the best routes to ride for the most rewarding experience for each season. If you want to bike through canyons, you can do it. If you want to go on a grand bike tour from New York to Montreal, you can do it. Or if you want to bike through mountains, a trail, a national park, or a desert, you can do it. Most of all, we can help you pick out the best tour, provide vehicle-support, and have a tour guide lead the way for your perfect adventure.

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