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Mountain Bike Tours, 970-728-5891

Navigating new territory can be challenging as well as time consuming. For those with a taste for a more adventurous trip, the planning process can be a bit more challenging. There is often no conventional way to do it. Fortunately, Lizard Head Cycling offers mountain bike tours that satiate one’s need for adventure. offers unbeatable vacation packages. Combining beautiful Colorado scenery, with adrenaline pumping physical activity and delicious food along the way, you can rest assured that your vacation time will be time well spent. The location is like no other. Located in Ophir, a village 9,8000 feet high in the Rockies, this team of adventurers know just how to guide those with a similar taste for exploration.

With over 5 years of experience in leading multi-day mountain bike tours, offers unforgettable experiences to those who want to bike through some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.  Our founder is incredibly experienced and passionate about sharing what he knows about biking through Colorado. As a team, we know the most beautiful sites to visit, safest routes to take, and the best stops to make. We provide the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to help your bike tour vacation go smoothly.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or you are a novice with a desire to try something new, our tours can be just what you need to feel alive and to appreciate the natural beauty that exists in the West. The only danger with going on one of Lizard Head Cycling’s tours is growing addicted to the sport and to the thrill that comes with cycling through some of the country’s most scenic routes. But not to worry, anyone can quickly realize that there is a community there to welcome you with open arms.  Not only is our team knowledgeable and extremely helpful, we are also incredibly passionate about what we do and we are excited and ready to help you feel the same rush of excitement as we do!

With our expertise, anyone interested in the exciting world of cycling can come and enjoy the ride.

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