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Yoga on Two Wheels with RE:treat

Telluride thrives on a community of explorers, entrepreneurs and risk takers. Lizard Head Cycling Guides is no exception. Owner, John Humphries, a.k.a the Lizard King, has taken his passion for cycling and opened the door for others to experience “life at the speed of bike.” In many ways, the Lizard King inspired me to explore the risky world of small business by co-founding my own adventure tour company, RE:treat, in 2013. 

Lizard Head Cycling Guides’ claim to fame is finding the road less traveled-boldly riding where no cyclist thought possible and RE:treat’s claim to fame is still to be determined. RE:treat is run on a labor of love by three worldly women with an abundance of talent and gypsy spirit. Our vision is big-to take the luxury yoga retreat that exists today and transform it from a trendy vacation into a truly life-changing adventure. 

Here is where our two visions collide. As a retired cycling guide for Lizard Head, I found that after many tours and thousands of miles in the saddle, yoga was my only solace. It kept aches and pains at bay, gave my mind clarity and wild energy. Today, as co-founder of RE:treat, melding these two complimentary passions into one amazing week is how Gateway to Telluride-yoga +cycling retreat was born. 

We could not be more thrilled to join forces with Lizard Head Cycling Guides to offer our guests an experience they will never forget. This retreat is about the breath both on the bike and the mat. Gateway to Telluride-yoga+cycling retreat will change the way our guests see the open road. 

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Story by RE:treat co-founder, Nicole Nugent 
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