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Testimonial Willamette Valley

New for 2014, the Willamette Valley Tour takes riders through some of the best wine country in the U.S.  Break up your ride with stops at local vineyards and enjoy fantastic locally sourced food at dinner.

From our Inaugural Willamette Valley Tour:

Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this year’s tour. It was perfect for me. Let’s stay in touch.
-From Joel S.

Look forward to riding with you again. Oregon trip was fantastic!
-From Ed H.

Vineyard from the 9/7/14 Willamette Valley Tour

Vineyard from the 9/7/14 Willamette Valley Tour

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One Response to “Testimonial Willamette Valley”

  1. Jim Axelson says:

    I cannot thank all of you enough nor can I tell you in a few short lines how much I enjoyed the Willamette Valley Tour. Incredible scenery, fun tours, great accommodations, spectacular food and the best guides I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Your company is the best out there, bar none. Thanks again. Jim

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