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Whiterock Canyons Tour Testimonials: Utah Bike Tour

The Whiterock Canyons Tour pedals through some of the most spectacular desert landscape creating memories our riders will never forget.

This tour offers riders the chance to pedal some the most spectacular roads built for cycling and hike desert canyon country unlike anywhere else in the world, not to mention cozy lodging and farm to table fare.

What follows are testimonials from cyclists who have ridden the Whiterock Canyons Tour.

Keep on Rolling…


HWY 12: the bread and butter of the tour

The Burr Trail

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12 Responses to “Whiterock Canyons Tour Testimonials: Utah Bike Tour”

  1. Ilse and Bruce Patterson says:

    White Rocks was our third ride with Lizard Head Cycling Guides and what a joy it was: empty roads through spectacular ever-changing scenery; expert guiding by Chuck and De-Anne, who adapted the routing to ensure enjoyment of the best of Bryce Canyon and the Burr Trail; fabulous light rental bikes geared for climbing; beautiful lodging and great south-western and local food (Slot Canyon Inn excels in this aspect); and variety with several timely and beautiful hikes. We are so impressed with the consistent high quality of these tours. This one is a winner.

  2. Carl Sommers says:

    Let me see…. the surroundings on Whiterock Canyons were surely the most spectacular I’ve ever ridden in for sure. Chuck and Eric were terrific, especially under the pressure of gov’t shutdown. I enjoyed having my own room. With the gearing on that rental bike, I don’t think there was a climb I couldn’t get over. My chief beef is that I would have liked more saddle time. One thing I loved about Redrocks tour was the longer mileage.
    That said, it was a good time. I certainly think about another trip, but not sure which would be best. Chuck suggested that the Gila trip as one with a hard climbing. I’m intrigued by Yellowstone, as I’ve never been there. Knowing what I know now, I’d consider the two-weeker Zion-2-Taos, as it contains the Utah stuff in proportions I’d like.
    That said, I’ll be back at you one of these days.

  3. Debi Z says:

    First of all, Neil and I want to let you know what an amazing time we had on the Whiterocks Tour. Honestly, it was one of the best trips we have done. Matt and Chuck were fantastic, the riding was incredible and most importantly, this was one of the most cohesive groups of people we have toured with. Great friendships found!! So thank you!!

  4. Lucy D says:

    “The Whiterock Canyons is the best tour I have ever done”.

  5. Jan Gregory says:

    I can’t say enough good things about my White Rocks Tour with Lizardhead! First and foremost has to be the guides! Nicole and Chuck were just amazing: so encouraging, so good-natured, so skilled and knowledgeable. I joked with my husband afterwards that at every turn Nicole would be telling me what a good decision I made: “You are going to try for the next 15 in 105 degree heat – that’s awesome!….You’re going to sag in the van for the last 20 – that’s a great decision!” They made everything so easy and enjoyable, and were so down to earth about the whole experience. I worried ahead of time I’d be the least experienced at long, multi-day rides (and I was) but they completely affirmed and inspired me. By Day 5, I “owned” Hell’s Backbone! Chuck was “bike mechanic extraordinaire” and worked over time if anyone had the least little issue with their bike.

    The next best thing was the ride scenery and natural beauty of the area! Amazing! While we didn’t put in the miles that Red Rocks tour does, we climbed amazing mountains and experienced breathtaking vistas. Day Six we went from high desert oasis to alpine summits to canyonlands in 60 miles!

    Third: the camaraderie among the company of the other riders. Partly this was created and nurtured by the guides, but the tour group was made up of great people. I was the only person traveling as a single (among three couples, all Lizardhead alums) and they all “took me in” and made me feel welcome.

    Fourth, the lodging and food! Simply fantastic! Boulder Lodge and Slot Canyon Inn were especially wonderful.

    I have convinced my brother who also cycles to plan on the LH Red Rocks tour in a couple years. While the cost is nothing to dismiss, every cent was worth it. I’ll be saving my pennies for Red Rocks 2014!

  6. Heidi Burkhart says:

    Truly a wonderful way to unwind, reconnect, and appreciate the beauty of all. Nuge and John, you were absolute amazing and made all so easy. Thank you, as always. XX

  7. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Here is a link to some photos of the inaugural White Rocks tour:

  8. Anne Melvin says:

    The tour was epic. What struck me the first day was the traffic – or lack thereof. A car every 10 minutes or so constituted heavy traffic, not the usual case for this east coast girl! There were stretches of the road where you didn’t see any other vehicle except the Lizard Head support van for 20-30 mintues or so. Biker heaven. The there were the views. We’ve traveled heavily in the west, and keep coming back to this stretch of Utah for the wonderfully bizarre rock formations, the spacious views, the endless sense of sky and space, and the beauty of the color. You see the rippling musculature of the earth itself in this part of Utah. John picked a beaut of a route along Utah 12 circling the Henry Mountains. The climbs were challenging, the road was good, the guides were top-notch (Erik, Nicole and John), and I found good companionship with the nice mix of ages (mid 30’s up to age 78!) and sexes (some great women who were wonderful riders). I’d come back in a heartbeat (and I think I’ll have to so I can claim the “alumni jersey” awarded to returning riders on their second trip!)

  9. Hendrick Barner says:

    What a great time on the Whiterocks Tour! Thank you, John, Erik and Nicole for all your efforts to look after and pamper us which I really appreciated. Next time improve the male/female ratio, although Nicole counts two.

    Thanks, Rick

  10. Daniel Sullivan says:

    It’s now a few days since my wife & I returned from the inaugural Whiterock Canyons Tour. It was a fabulous week; we had perfect weather, congenial fellow riders, and terrific support from our guides (John, Nicole, and Erik). The riding was incredibly scenic, and challenging as well (lots of climbing). As always, John and the other guides were attentive and flexible, so everyone was able to ride as much or as little as they wished. I especially enjoyed the accomodations and dining at the Slot Canyons Inn and Boulder Mountain Lodge – sophisticated comfort in the backcountry. We are looking forward to future adventures with Lizard Head! I will post some photos from the tour when I have a chance.

  11. Jeffery Fehr says:

    Challenging climbs, delightful descents, wonderful weather (woefully windy on occasion), spectacular scenery, gorgeous geology, fabulous food, lovely lodging, and a great group of fellow cyclists. Lizard Head Cycling Guides outdid themselves on this one. Thanks John, Eric and Nicole (and Chris) for a terrific tour – an awesome experience. If you love to ride in stupendous settings, you gotta ride this one. I’d love to go again.

  12. Barrett Toan says:

    The ride is not to be missed, much more fun and beautiful than larger rides like BTC and RTR, both of which I have ridden. First off, the group size makes for great interactions – you get to know your mates and share the experience effortlessly. The ride support allows you to ride fantastic roads with little traffic through as beautiful territory as you will ever find. Lizard Head guides are skilled and know how to keep the fun rolling. The night lodging and food are without exception great. Go for it!

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