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Something to Chew On

Hello cycling friends,

I am Nicole Nugent, Director of Protocol, Guide and foodie/chef. I tend to be put on the food side of our tours and this year am feeling really inspired to make the eating part of our tours as memorable as the ride itself.  It can be challenging doing tours around the desert southwest versus say, Europe where the access to charming cafes and local food is few and far between. My goal is to make each tour special by satisfying your well earned appetite while you relax and enjoy the infinite beauty of the American West.

To give you an idea of what I like to cook and some of the places I seek inspiration for tour menus, check out my blog.

Once a week I will post a delicious recipe here to keep you fueled up and recovered as you start riding into the season.

I love this side of guiding because we all know we ride hard so we can EAT!

 If you have any suggestions or must haves while you are on tour, please feel free to post them in the comments box.

Now, get out there and work up that appetite!




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