Zion to Taos Bike Tour
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Zion to Taos Bike Tour

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Zion to Taos Bike Tour: Highlights


The Zion to Taos Bike Tour (Z-2-T) traces a mountainous path across Utah, Colorado and the high peaks of northern New Mexico. It is an exceptionally scenic route that showcases the high mountains, National Parks & hot springs (ahhh!) of the Four Corners Region. Cyclists can join he Z-2-T and ride for 4-days, 1-week or the entire 2-weeks. Over the course of its 2-weeks the tour climbs the elevated plateaus of Utah, the mighty San Juan Mountains of Colorado and the continental divide in New Mexico.

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Lizard Head Cycling Guides is a proud member of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Partners in support of their commitment to education, stewardship and restoration of the full National Monument.

Zion National Park


Calf Creek’s Hidden Waterfall


Vast open stretches of riding

Zion to Taos Bike Tour: Dates

Potential tour dates are listed below and not all tour dates will run. Lock in your preferred tour date early as unopened tour dates will be closed. Please see the Spring/Autumn Tour Calendar and the Summer Tour Calendar for confirmed departures. Any unopened date can be a Custom Week (9 riders required). Please contact us via email or call 970.728.5891

To easily register for a particular tour, please click the Book Now! link after the tour date listed below. This will select the tour name and the appropriate date on the registration form.

Note: Ride the full 2 weeks, or ride week 1 only (7 days riding, Zion to Durango) or week 2 only (6 days riding, Durango to Taos).

2021 Tour Dates

  • August 1 to 13, 2021: Full 2 Weeks (Book Now!)
    • August 1 to 7, 2021: Week 1 Only, Zion to Durango (Book Now!)
    • August 8 to 13, 2021: Week 2 Only, Durango to Taos (Book Now!)
  • September 5 to 17, 2021: Full 2 Weeks (Book Now!)
    • September 5 to 11, 2021: Week 1 Only, Zion to Durango (Book Now!)
    • September 12 to 17, 2021: Week 2 Only, Durango to Taos (Book Now!)

SPECIAL Telluride to Taos (T2T) Tour

For this 6-day tour we are riding a special Telluride-2-Taos as the second week of the Zion-2-Taos. This is essentially the same as the Durango-2-Taos, but with a start in Telluride, Colorado.

Please see the Telluride to Taos page for more information and dates.

Tour Status Notes: NO STATUS = Date set, no riders have signed up. TOUR OPENED = Tour opened, rider minimums not met. TOUR A GO! = Rider minimums met, tour is GO! SOLD OUT = Rider maximums met, tour full.

Zion to Taos Bike Tour: Overview

Reptile Rewards

Cyclists fly into Las Vegas, Nevada (or St. George, Utah) and out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ride both weeks, the 1st, or 2nd. The halfway point is Durango, Colorado. The tour can be ridden either as the entire two week tour or one week tour.

Ride Difficulty: The mileage below makes the itinerary below look a bit scary. Please note that we are listing all the potential big ride options. In reality, only about 65% of the riders ride every mile on the Zion-2-Taos. We offer bumps so that riders are fresh for the best sections.

Fitness Level: If a guest is riding 3 or more times per week equalling from these rides 70 or more miles in total, they will do just fine on the Zion-2-Taos route.

Zion-2-Taos Tour Length: 13-Days (12-days of riding) | 13-Nights Lodging (Sunday through Friday)

Starting Town: St. George, Utah

Ending Town: Taos, New Mexico

Total Miles: 885 (Can I keep up on this tour?)

Mileage Range: 25-125

Ability Levels: Upper Intermediate (3) , Advanced (3/4) , Expert (4) – (Accommodates all levels)

Full Zion-2-Taos Tour Includes: 13-nights of lodging (to be announced, Sunday through Friday), 12-days of meals, guide service, entrance fees, daily lunch en route, energy food, liquid refreshments, Lizard Head Cycling Riding Kit, and mechanical support. Alcoholic beverages, massage & bike rental are additional.

Tour Cost: $5,450 per person. The deposit is $1500 per person.
Group discount of $200 per person for groups of 4 or more. Please see our Tour Discounts Policy

Zion-2-Taos Tour Option: If you cannot commit to the full 2-week tour, ride the 1st or 2nd week!
The midpoint is Durango, Colorado. The 1st week tour (7-nights lodging Sunday through Saturday) cost is $2,995 per person. The 2nd week cost (6-nights lodging Sunday through Friday) is $2,990 per person.

Single Room Supplement: For two-week tour, add $900 to the Tour Cost for a private room each night of the tour. For one-week tour, add $450 to the Tour Cost for a private room each night of the tour.

2022 Special Offer: Register for a 6-Day or longer Spring or Summer 2022 tour by October 15, 2021, or an Autumn 2022 tour by November 15, 2021, and receive a $200 tour discount plus a $100 bike rental discount!
(NOTE: New reservations only. Not stackable with other discounts)

Non-Riding Spouses & Partners on Tour: If a non-riding spouse or partner would like to join you on tour and they have their own transportation, they can stay in your room for the cost of the tour's single room supplement. Non-Riding spouses and partners can join a tour's meal plan of three meals a day for $85 per day.

Road Bike Rentals

The Scott Addict 10 Disc was designed from the ground up with those longer days in mind. With geometry that is less focused on racing and more on enduring, the Addict 10 will be your go to when you’re looking to put the miles in.

The Scott Addict 10 Disc features: Carbon Frame and Fork, Shimano Ultegra 2x11 Drivetrain, 34x32 Compact Gearing, 30mm Tires, and Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Approx. Weight: 16.89 lbs / 7.66 kg (without pedals)

Learn More: Click Here to learn more about our Road Bike Rentals including pricing.

Road E-Bike Rentals: Click Here for more information on our Road E-Bike Rentals including pricing.

Take Your Rental Bike Home! Click Here for more information.

Couples Bike Rental Discount: Sign up as a couple and receive one free Road Bike Rental per couple for a one week tour. ($250 value. Pedal bikes only. E-Bikes excluded.)

Tandems and Recumbents Lizard Head Cycling Guides happily accommodates both tandem and recumbent bikes on our tours.

If you have any further questions, please read more on our Rental Bikes FAQ page. You can also email us at info@lizardheadcyclingguides.com or call us at 970.728.5891

Lodging Includes: (subject to change)

Do the “Bump”:  Lizard Head’s shuttle “bump” options will exist on the Z-2-T. This is where we shuttle cyclists 10, 20 or however many miles down the road to give them a lift.  It is BIG & REMOTE country in southern Utah and Colorado. There are few services and the weather can be melting cyclists one minute and then freezing them an hour later. We expect that cyclists may need some shuttle assistance along the way.

Meals On Tour

Lunches: Lizard Head Cycling Guides prepares healthy lunches to keep you going. We will serve you fresh organic fruits and veggies, salads, hummus, sandwich fixings, nuts, gourmet cheeses and of course plenty of salty/sweet snacks such as chips and cookies. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to specific dietary requests, so rest assured that you will be able to get the nutrition that works for you during the week. Gluten Free, Dairy Free or a someone who loves it all – we will keep you well fed during the tour!

Dinners: Lizard Head Cycling sources our favorite restaurants in each town that we visit. Our guides focus on establishments that offer fresh and local ingredients. Guests choose whatever they desire to eat off the menu: including appetizer, salad, entree and of course dessert... yum! :) Also, while on tour if a guest wants to dine early before the group and go to bed, this is fine. We understand that on some days sleep is the most important post-ride element.

Overall Route Maps

Days 1 through 4

Days 1 through 4: Zion to Hanksville

Days 5 through 7

Days 5 through 7: Hanksville to Durango

Days 9 through 13

Days 9 through 13: Durango to Taos


Day 3: Utah’s fabulous Highway 12

Zion to Taos Bike Tour: Itinerary*

*Tour itineraries are subject to change and modification based on the group, available accommodations, road construction, and other unforeseen circumstances including weather, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, landslides and/or other acts of nature. Please view this itinerary as a general outline as to what to expect on this tour.

Day 0: Arrival in St. George, Utah (Week 1)

Riders fly into Las Vegas International Airport (LAS) and arrange for their own shuttle to St. George, Utah via the St. George shuttle (approx $35-). Southwest airlines services Las Vegas. The tour meets at a meeting hotel in St. George, Utah on Day 1. Your confirmation doccment will confirm the hotel location.

Alternatively, riders can also fly into the smaller St. George Municipal Airport (SGU) which is serviced by Delta Air Lines from Salt Lake City, Utah and United Airlines from Denver, Colorado.

Day 1: Zion National Park to Mount Carmel, Utah
25 Miles with up to 2,700 feet of climbing

Spend Day 1 exploring the wonders of Zion National Park. At only 35-miles, Day 1 is meant to serve as a warm up day. Lodging is outside the park’s eastern boundary.

Average Highs Day 1’s Destination Orderville, Utah (6,211-feet): July (90 °F); August (85 °F); Sept (74 °F) – Weather Link

Day 1 Route Map

Day 1 Route Map

Day 1 Elevation Profile: +2700 ft / -1400 ft

Day 1 Elevation Profile: +2700 ft / -1400 ft

Day 2: Mount Carmel, Utah to Bryce Canyon National Park
53 Miles with up to 4,000 feet of climbing

Climb nearly 4,500-feet through the beautiful redrock canyons between Zion National Park and Bryce National Park (8,000-feet).

Average Highs Day 2’s Destination Bryce, Utah (7,064-feet): July (80 °F); August (77 °F); Sept (70 °F) – Weather Link

Day 2 Route Map

Day 2 Route Map

Day 2 Elevation Profile: +4000 ft / -1400 ft

Day 2 Elevation Profile: +4000 ft / -1400 ft

Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 2: Bryce Canyon National Park

Wall Street: Bryce National Park

Wall Street: Bryce National Park

Day 3: “Utah’s Fabulous Highway 12” – Bryce Canyon National Park to Boulder Mountain Lodge, Boulder, Utah
77 Miles with up to 4,800 feet of climbing

If there was ever a road built for cycling, Utah’s Highway 12 may be it. The road climbs, dives, twists and turns to the end. This is a ride you’ll never forget.

Average Highs Day 3’s Destination Boulder, Utah (6,830-feet):  July (83 °F); August (80 °F); Sept (73 °F) – Weather Link

Utah's Highway 12

Utah’s Highway 12

Day 3 Route Map

Day 3 Route Map

Day 3 Elevation Profile: +4800 ft / –5900 ft

Day 4: Boulder Mountain Lodge, Boulder, Utah to Hanksville, Utah
84 Miles with up to 5,300 feet of climbing

Enjoy even more of Highway 12 as it winds up and over the challenging slopes of Boulder Mountain (9,000-feet) with lunch in Capitol Reef National Park.

Average Highs Day 4’s Destination Hanksville, Utah (4,321-feet): July (99 °F); August (86 °F); Sept (87 °F) – Weather Link

Riding in Capitol Reef National Park

Day 4: Riding in Capitol Reef National Park

Day 4 Route Map

Day 4 Route Map

Day 4 Elevation Profile: +5300 ft / –7600 ft

Day 5: Hanksville, Utah to Blanding, Utah
126 Miles with up to 9,100 feet of climbing

Ride past Lake Powell surrounded by Redrock Wilderness. The Queen stage of the Z-2-T offers big miles, big climbs and big scenery. We roll out under the cover of darkness into the quiet of the desert. This is a remarkable route that ends with a climb into the Sierra Abajo Mountains.

Average Highs Day 5’s Destination Blanding, Utah (6,097-feet): July (92 °F); August (85 °F); Sept (80 °F) – Weather Link

Utah's Fabulous Highway 95

Utah’s Fabulous Highway 95

Day 5 Route Map

Day 5 Route Map

Day 5 Elevation Profile: +9100 ft / –7400 ft

Day 6: Blanding, Utah to McElmo Canyon, Colorado
64 Miles with up to 2,600 feet of climbing

Cross the border into Colorado riding empty ranching roads though Canyons of the Ancient National Monument, beneath the Sleeping Ute mountain and into beautiful McElmo Canyon for lunch at the Sutcliffe vineyard. Post lunch ride another 5 miles to the Kelly Place for lodging and a home cooked meal.

Average Highs Day 6’s Destination Dolores, Colorado (6,935-feet): July (85 °F); August (82 °F); Sept (75 °F) – Weather Link

McElmo Canyon

McElmo Canyon

Day 6 Route Map

Day 6 Route Map

Day 6 Elevation Profile: +2600 ft / -3200 ft

Day 6 Elevation Profile: +2600 ft / -3200 ft

Day 7: McElmo Canyon, Colorado to Durango, Colorado
60 Miles with up to 4,400 feet of climbing

Ride the foothills of the Sierra La Platas to Durango. Enjoy lunch & an espresso at the Absolute Bakery in Mancos, Colorado.

Average Highs Day 7’s Destination Durango, Colorado (6,522-feet): July (80 °F); August (77 °F); Sept (70 °F) – Weather Link

Durango Narrow Gauge Engine

Durango Narrow Gauge Engine

Day 7 Route Map

Day 7 Route Map

Day 7 Elevation Profile: +4400 ft / -3400 ft

Day 7 Elevation Profile: +4400 ft / -3400 ft

Day 8: Layover Day in Durango, Colorado

Enjoy a rest day in the bike crazy towns of Durango.

Downtown Durango, Colorado

Downtown Durango, Colorado

Don’t mess with the staff at the Strater Hotel!

Day 9: Durango, Colorado to Pagosa Springs, Colorado
67-Miles (E.F.I.)  with up to 4,500 feet of climbing or
40-mile ride option

Today’s destination offers 40 Hot Spring Pools adjacent to the San Juan River, ahhhh.

Average Highs Day 9’s Destination Pagosa Springs, Colorado (7,070-feet): July (87 °F); August (84 °F); Sept (77 °F) – Weather Link

Pagosa Hot Springs on the San Juan River

Pagosa Hot Springs on the San Juan River

Day 9 Route Map

Day 9 Route Map

Day 9 Elevation Profile: +4500 ft / -4000 ft

Day 9 Elevation Profile: +4500 ft / -4000 ft

Day 10: Pagosa Springs, Colorado to Chama, New Mexico
48-Miles with up to 3,300 feet of climbing

Cross both the New Mexican border and continental divide while pedaling a remote and hilly route to Chama, New Mexico.

Average Highs Day 10’s Destination Chama, New Mexico (7,866-feet): July (81 °F); August (78 °F); Sept (72 °F) – Weather Link

The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad near Chama, New Mexico

The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad near Chama, New Mexico

Day 10 Route Map

Day 10 Route Map

Day 10 Elevation Profile: +3300 ft / -2600 ft

Day 10 Elevation Profile: +3300 ft / -2600 ft

Day 11: Chama, New Mexico to Ojo Caliente, New Mexico
95-Miles (E.F.I) with up to 4,900 feet of climbing
60-mile option Chama to Tres Piedras

Today’s ride rolls out down the beautiful Chama Valley before climbing the formidable Brazos Pass to 10,000-feet and descends into the Rio Grande Valley to the exclusive Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. Steeped in myth and legend, these ancient springs have been a gathering place and source of healing for thousands of years. The use of the waters can be traced back to the earliest human migrations in the region. Ancient peoples, the ancestors of today’s Native American Tewa tribes, built large pueblos and terraced gardens overlooking the springs. Surrounding the springs are the ruins of the cities populated before the birth of history.

Average Highs Day 11’s Destination Ojo Caliente, NM (6,251-feet): July (86 °F); August (83 °F); Sept (78 °F) – Weather Link

Day 11 Route Map

Day 11 Route Map

Day 11 Elevation Profile: +4900 ft / -6500 ft

Day 11 Elevation Profile: +4900 ft / -6500 ft

Day 12: Ojo Caliente, New Mexico to Taos, New Mexico
41-Miles with up to 2,000 feet of climbing

After a relaxed morning at Ojo we’ll ride from the Mineral Springs to Taos on a newly paved road (it was dirt) across the Rio Grande Valley and over the awe inspiring Taos Gorge Bridge. Arrive in Taos to enjoy a fine New Mexican meal of course with chile verde.  Taos is an artist’s destination of international acclaim and home to the Taos Pueblo Indians.

Average Highs Day 12’s Destination Taos, NM (7,003-feet): July (87 °F); August (84 °F); Sept (78 °F) – Weather Link

Day 12 Route Map

Day 12 Route Map

Day 12 Elevation Profile: +2000 ft / -1300 ft

Day 12 Elevation Profile: +2000 ft / -1300 ft

Day 13: “The Enchanted Circle Ride” – Taos, New Mexico Loop
85-Miles to 95-Miles with up to 5,800 feet of climbing
55-Mile option 

Ride the Sangre De Christo (Blood of Christ) mountains between Taos and Red River, New Mexico. The Enchated Circle Loop is New Mexico’s premier mountain ride offering exceptional beauty. Cyclists arrive back in their Taos lodging for a final night’s farewell dinner!

Average Highs Day 12’s Destination Taos, NM (7,003-feet): July (87 °F); August (84 °F); Sept (78 °F) – Weather Link

Day 13 Route Map

Day 13 Route Map

Day 13 Elevation Profile: +5800 ft / -5800 ft

Day 13 Elevation Profile: +5800 ft / -5800 ft

Post Tour (Saturday)

On Saturday morning cyclists wake and shuttle from Taos to Albuquerque (2.5 hours) or Santa Fe (1.25 hours). Guests arrange their own shuttle through Taos Shuttle.


Every meal a feast!

Bike Shipping

Lizard Head Cycling recommends shipping with BikeFlights.com. Bikes can be shipped either to our partner bike shop in each meeting town for professional assembly or directly to the meeting hotel for self-assembly. Bike boxes can generally be left at the meeting hotel during the tour. Bikes shipped across the continental US should be shipped 8 days prior to your tour.

General Tour & Cancellation Policies

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of our tour and cancellation policies, which can be found by clicking here.

Travel Insurance

Lizard Head Cycling Guides highly recommends clients purchase Travel Insurance through TripAssure. A policy can be purchased individually through the sales link below.

The estimated cost for a 50-year old buying insurance for a $2,500 tour ranges from $100 (standard plan) to about $200 (cancel for any reason plan).

Lizard Head Cycling Guides Custom Sales Portal Link is:


  • The best options for our clients are either the Asset or Bridge plans.
  • The Asset-Plus & Complete plans both include a Cancel-For-Any-Reason option.
    • As a result these plans cost more.
    • The Cancel-for-Any-Reason option is only available when insurance is purchased within two weeks of initial deposit.
  • For information on Coronavirus, please click here.
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