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Riding the Historical Natchez Trace

New for 2016, Lizard Head Cycling Guides offers a ride like none we have offered before along the historical Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. The origins of the “Trace” date back hundreds, if not thousands, of years as Native Americans created and used this foot path as a means of travel and commerce between tribes and which was later adopted by early European settlers for the same purpose.

The 440-mile long Natchez Trace Parkway was built to commemorate this ancient thoroughfare and remnants of the original foot path still remain to this day. This road is truly built for a cycling getaway given it’s twisty and well paved roads, it’s low traffic and ever changing scenery, it’s abundance of historical places and sights, it’s unique places to stay and eat, it’s rolling hills with little to no climbing… truly an experience like no other!

To learn more about this tour, please visit our Natchez Trace Bike Tour page and make sure to sign-up for this one!

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