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Why do a Mountain Bike Tour with Lizard Head Cycling Guides?


You consider yourself a capable mountain biker and your thinking about doing a multi-day trip, so what is to be gained by hiring Lizard Head Cycling Guides? Well, we think A LOT. Below are our top 10 reasons to bring us along on your next adventure.

1.) BIKE LIGHT – Riding with Lizard Head Cycling means that the only things you’ll have to carry is an extra layer/rain jacket, some snacks, and water.

Your guide carries:

  • Spare parts & tools
  • Emergency communications for the remote locations we enjoy
  • First Aid Kits
  • Extra water & food
  • Extra clothing

The support rig carries:

  • ALL your personal gear
  • ALL your overnight camping gear
  • ALL your food, water, and libations (kept cold)
  • Extra bikes, and the ability to maintenance & repair your bike

2.) EAT GOURMET – No ramen on the menu tonight. Our guides are excellent backcountry chefs with a passion for serving up healthy, and delicious meals. Picture hearty egg casseroles, slow cooked BBQ, mouth-watering lasagna, and Dutch oven Brownies. YUM!

3.) BRING THE KITCHEN SINK. SLEEP BETTER – Because each tour is supported with one of Lizard Head Cycling’s Expedition rigs, one can bring everything needed to ensure a great night of recovery and rest… like that hard cover of the Edward Abbey’s Monkey Wrench Gang and a full sized down pillow.

4.) SOLAR SHOWERS, EPIC RIVER DIPS, & HIDDEN WATERFALLS – On a Lizard Head Cycling mountain bike expedition, wearing mud is a badge of honor, but not one that you want to wear to bed. Our mountain bike tours all include ample opportunities for nature showers, & awesome plunges.

5.) BACKCOUNTRY OUTDOOR MASSAGE – Our own professional massage therapists travels with the tour when enough interest is voiced in advance. Massage works wonders on our riders by transforming them back into smiling and relaxed humans after a day in the saddle. Massage also aids in recovery and promotes restful sleep. You are on vacation – you deserve a massage!

6.) YOUR OWN PIT CREW – Our guides are also skilled bike mechanics and every trip is equipped with a bike stand, tools, spare parts, and lube.

7.) HUMAN GUIDE BOOKS (better than Google) – Skip the route finding and just cruise. Our guides know the backcountry areas in which we ride like the back of their hands. Flash flood making a route impassable? Our guides have contingencies that allow the fun to continue. Route overviews are also provided before each ride, and a lead-guide and tail-runner ensure you don’t end up in ISIS territory.

8.) SAFETY IS OUR PARAMOUNT CONCERN – Our guide team have years of experience leading individuals on multi-day expeditions climbing at high altitude, heli-skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking and more… all in the most fascinating and remote corners of the world. They constantly assess the risk of objective and subjective hazards and make the hard decisions that ensure you ride another day and are not a victim of heard mentality. And should the unthinkable happen, you can take comfort in knowing that ALL of our guides have training in backcountry first aid and our lead guides are OEC & Wilderness EMT certified.

9.) IT’S ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW – Joining a Lizard Head Cycling mountain bike tour provides guests with a unique opportunity to network with other riders, which means next time you’re thinking about that Redwoods trip, you may have a couch to crash on!

10.) IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FUN… TO BE FUN – While doing a mountain bike tour with Lizard Head Cycling Guides will eliminate much of the stress associated with pre, and post tour planning, as well as facilitate your success through out the tour with everything from technical instruction, to keeping your libation cold and ready, one thing it won’t do is take the challenge out of the actual ride. Lizard Head Cycling Guides understands the satisfaction of pushing one’s self, and with seamlessly endless mileage and levels of technical challenge on our MTB tours, there truly is a adventure to suite everyone!


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