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Redrock Canyons Tour

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The Redrock Canyons Road Tour is a six day tour through the canyon country of the Four-Corner Region.  It is a spectacular route with highlights such as the Colorado National Monument, Unaweep Canton, Monument Valley, and the Lake Powell

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2 Responses to “Redrock Canyons Tour”

  1. lizardhead says:

    Dear Vicki,
    We would love to have you join a tour. As for thoughts on your husband joining the tour as a intermediate cyclist, the Redrock Canyons Tour does offers amazing hiking opportunities. In fact hiking on certain days would allow an individual to view the impressive historical and archaeological sites along the route. So yes we would be able to offer a customized experience for your husband, especially if he riding a portion of each day’s route.
    The Redrock Canyons tour is offered in September and October and May and June (July & August are too hot).
    This Sunday August 1st the Redrock Canyons Tour will be featured in the Travel section of the Sunday New York Times. Read the paper Sunday morning while enjoying a cup of coffee! I am told the story’s pictures will be amazing.
    Let’s Ride,
    Lizard Head Cycling Guides

  2. Vicki Schnell says:

    I am a fairly well trained road cyclist. I did the 2009 Bicycle tours of Colorado (BTC) last year(550 miles) with no sag. My 17 yo son is very healthy and is training to do you trip. My husband is a casual cyclist bit he is an exceptional backpacking cook/chef and a fantastic photographer with a professional camera. Do you have any options for my husband to help with the trip and do some of the less difficult part of the ride. I and my son will do ok with the standard trip. We would like to do one of the trips in August. Thank you!!!! Vicki Schnell, MD

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