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Colorado Cols Testimonial: Colorado Bike Tour

  • What follows are testimonial from cyclists who have ridden the Colorado Cols tour.

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8 Responses to “Colorado Cols Testimonial: Colorado Bike Tour”

  1. Janey Axelson says:

    Truly my pleasure! That was the best week of riding I’ve ever done from the scenery to the food to the lodging and most of all the super guides! Thank you again

  2. Dale Smith says:

    I had a great time with you guys on the Colorado Cols ride and appreciate the hospitality and great support. I give the trip a 5 star rating.

    Mark and I are the first to admit our blogging skills are not so good, but I wanted to share with you some of our experiences:


  3. The Cobber says:

    The missus and I rode the Cols in September in a group of 8 (4 women, 4 men). A perfect time of year but can get a bit of rain and a little cold on descents – be prepared, bring layers, arm warmers etc. and especially a very light rain jacket. Organization was fantastic. Guides were great. Accom and food were fine without being overly luxurious or expensive (making the overall costs very reasonable). The supplied Scott CR1 bikes were excellent for the task and very comfortable (able to fit our own saddle, pedals etc.); even if I lived in the US I wouldn’t bother bringing my own bike.

    The quality of the riding was absolutely exceptional and well suited to people who like climbing. Even for those who don’t like climbing, it was still exceptional (my wife managed just fine with only a couple of bumps in the van). Guides catered well for riders of differing abilities and our group was very cohesive, supportive, and nice. The Mountain to Desert community ride on the last day was a magnificent addition; I loved it and you just have to be prepared to go with the flow for the inevitable interruptions in the usual smooth flow of things. Fortunate to meet the owner John; he’s clearly passionate about his riding and his riders. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tour to riders who are comfortable on their bike, of moderate experience with climbs and descents and fairly fit.

    As an add on, we went on to Aspen afterwards, hired bikes and rode the Maroon Bells and Castle Creek (day 1) then Independence Pass and a nice loop through McLain’s Flat (day 2). That was magnificent also and a great way to make use of all the acclimatizing done on the Cols tour. Another rider arrive at Grand Junction a day early with his own bike and rode the National Monument – a great idea so long as you stop at the traffic lights in town!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to do other tours with Lizard Head, I’m already thinking about the next one.

  4. Ken Bitter says:

    The Colorado Cols tour was such an experience in euphoria. While riding through mountain passes at 12,000 feet, the view of snow-capped peaks made the effort all the more worth it. Lizard Head owner John Humphries (along with guide Steve) laid out a superb route, guided us through incredible ascents and descents, and created great memories of riding through the San Juan Range. John also took it upon himself to ride the most epic domestique pulls on the approaches to many of the tough climbing sections, basically turning himself inside out for the team!! This tour was exceptionally supported and planned – the lodging and meals were perfect for our group. The roadside lunches were very refreshing. Having ridden with many other tour operators I can honestly say Lizard Head is at the top, a class act in cycling tours. We hope to get back out with Lizard Head soon!!

  5. Mark Baumkel says:

    Just completed terrific June 23-30 Colorado Cols, my 2nd Lizard Head tour (prior was Redrocks).
    Make no mistake, this is challenging even for strong riders–our altered routes due to circumventing wild fires covered about 600 miles including typical daily climbing averaging around 6000 ft/day (one day was around 12,000 ft).
    But just like my prior Lizard Head tour, owner operator John Humphries (ably assisted by guide Steve) managed to inspire us to joyfully exhaust ourselves each day.
    Wonderful lunch spread every day, and excellent dinners–beyond excellent to superb at fabulous Allreds Restaurant at top of mountain in Telluride.
    Fantastic mountain scenery, and great towns at end of each day.
    At 62 I’m probably nearing end of time when I can do “EFI” (every freakin inch) and will be grateful for wonderful memories of this tour. Highly recommend this tour for all strong riders.

  6. Peter Grabowsky says:

    While I have been very busy since the tour ended, I continue to process the events of the week and think about various aspects of our trip nearly every day. Plus I continue to relate our adventures to my many cycling friends who want to hear all about the trip. It’s fun to relive it all!

    However, and as I mentioned to John, the “Cannibal Classic” ride from the Tuesday of our week is perhaps one of the most memorable rides that I have ever undertaken. It truly had it all – climbing, pacelines, distance, suffering, endurance, weather(!) – and I do not think that it is cliche to state that it was truly epic. I want to do that one again!

    And thanks to everyone for such a memorable trip. John, Nicole and Bri for guiding us, supporting us, nurturing us and taking care of us the entire week. Steve for the strong pulls and the “recovery” martinis. Lenny for the strong climbing and tight paceline work. Jim for the constant laughs and endless verbal support (like the deadpan comment “You’re an animal” as I passed him on one of the climbs). Chris for your endless enthusiasm, strength and determination to finish the week… and the great advice of pickle juice. I now use that as part of my cycling routine and it works!

    Finally, I have been on many cycling tours and this was by far one of the best I have experienced to date. I think it could only be surpassed only by another Lizard Head tour and I hope that we can all meet up again some day to experience more cycling adventures together.

    Thanks again for the great times and good memories!


  7. Len Battifarano says:

    This was my 3 RD Lizard Head tour; absolutely stunning from start to finish. The rides were incredibly beautiful, challenging yet certainly doable; the camaraderie on and off the bikes was magnificent, and every day was filled with the joy of riding, the laughter of friends new and old; magnificent meals, and memories to last a life time…..John, Nicole and Bri, you have totally outdone yourselves. Love, len

  8. Jim Antal says:

    As a 62 year old who still manages 2000+ miles/year, Lizard Head’s encouragement to hop in the van and “take a bump up the road” makes all the difference. Because of this, I was able to completely enjoy the gorgeous scenery and camaraderie while pushing myself to my limits. And because I stayed inside myself, I got stronger each day.

    Elation, beauty, laughter, self-knowledge, timelessness, satisfaction, discovery – expect this and more on every Lizard Head tour.


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