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Posted in Blog on April 19, 2012

GREEN SPRING: Chicken Tomatillo Stew (great after ...

THE GOODS: TOMATILLO|goodness. 10-12 medium sized tomatillos (husk removed, washed and quartered) 1-2 cloves of garlic (depending on how many vampires you want to keep away) 1/2 C Basil or 1 small container you get at the grocer (crazy delicious) 1 Serrano or other hott pepper ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog, Featured Posts on February 27, 2012

What’s in Your Fridge?

You are hungry. You walk to the kitchen, open the fridge and find only a few beers, condiments, mostly mustard, and some weird leftovers you forgot about sitting next to the baking soda in the back corner. You close the fridge, drink some water thinking you might just be thirsty ... Continue Reading

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