May 2011 Redrock Canyon Tour Testimonials - Lizard Head Cycling Guides
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May 2011 Redrock Canyon Tour Testimonials

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Lizard Head Cycling Guides is running six consecutive Redrock Canyons Tours in May 2011.  What follows are client testimonials from these tours.

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13 Responses to “May 2011 Redrock Canyon Tour Testimonials”

  1. David Greene says:

    The Red Rocks tour exceeded all my hopes and expectations, and this was even after reading the New York Times article. The scenery speaks for itself, but I was able to fully appreciate it, thanks to the attention and support Lizard Head provided. Route planning, technical help, on-road support and encouragement–all were first rate. Erik, Nicole and John did a great job of taking twelve individuals and making us feel like a group. I have to give a special Thank You to the cafe in Dove Creek. I can’t tell you how great it felt to finish a 112 mild ride and just be able to walk next door and have a great dinner placed in front of me, without having to think. 🙂 I will happily ride with Lizard Head any time.

  2. Fred Chase says:

    Having just finished the June 5 touring week on the Red Rock Canyons tour, I have been feeling elated and empowered by the collective experience. The support staff were consistently responsive and enthusiastic, my co-riders were engaging and positive, the scenery was often awe-inspiring, the time to myself was extraordinary, and the challenge of getting on my bike and using my body for so many days in succession left me missing my bike the moment I got home. I do look forward to other experiences touring, likely with Lizard Head. Thanks again, Fred

  3. Kevin Burke says:

    Dear John, Eric and Nicole: Thanks so much for such a truly spectacular time. I enjoyed every minute. Even the wind! (Hey , it makes you stronger – right!) The scenery was awesome. I have never been in that part of the country before and now can’t wait to get back with my family. The care given by Eric and Nicole was superb – always there, always helpful, always enthusiastic. ( I could never do that job and take care of whiners like me.) The other folks were all cool and we had a great time making new friends. I’ve already spread the word to my friends to sign up for the fall. All my best, Kevin

  4. Joe Cunningham says:

    Dear John & Chuck:
    As you might imagine, Joseph doesn’t have much acceptance from his peer group. Nonetheless, as with any young adult, he ardently wants to be understood & accepted by others. Indeed, his aspirations are typical of “normal” individuals e.g., to experience success in life, the love of a significant other, to communicate and be understood by the public at large, and so on. Naturally, Debbie and I debated prior to the trip about informing fellow riders about Jo Jo’s special needs. But within a few days of the tour, we talked over the situation, smiled at one another and said, “Everyone already knows.” At the day’s end of every stage, the words of acceptance & encouragement expressed to Joseph by his fellow cyclists were repeated with pride to his parents. And for that, we are grateful. No, it doesn’t take a village to raise a child; it takes a peloton. Ride hard and stay upright…

  5. John Stimac says:

    Hi John:
    Its been only a few days since the end of our adventure and I already miss the feeling. I have spent most of my athletic life doing solitary events such as marathon,Ironman and clearly there is highs and lows with these events and personal satisfaction to be had. I also keep a close and small circle of friends by my side over the years. Therefore parachuting into the situation involving a dozen strangers over a week long long ride caused some uncertainty and anxiety.
    I went expecting (hoping) to trash my legs with some heavy duty exercise and clearly that goal was met. I didnt expect the more important perc related to the group effect. I started to appreciate it as the week went along and noted a feeling of elation to be able to share in the suffering , personal victories of my mates,and frailty of us. This social setting combined with the geographic setting brought out the boy in the man which makes pale all of my personal athletic achievements.Furthermore Id like to congratulate both you and Chuck not only on a super well organized tour but also on exhibiting the passion you both have for what you do and making it look fun versus work. It has been a personal growth experience for me and I hope for the others in our group.

    We are pack animals and we should never forget it. The strength of the pack and strength of individual members is in fact ONE.

    Looking forward to next year where I would like to help the weakest members of our pack reach their goals.

    Once again thanks for a blast. John Stimac

  6. Robert Kurtz says:

    The May 29, 2011 Redrock Canyon Tour was as memorable as it was challenging. John Humphries and Chuck Hewitt, our guides, were fantastic. They provided motivation, encouragement and an encyclopedic knowledge of the region. The massage therapist who accompanied us on the tour, Bri, gave the best massage I have ever received. The organization and planning by Lizard Head was flawless. More importantly, however, the scenery and area we cycled through was beautiful. Cycling through Monument Valley gives you the feeling of being part of the landscape. The 14 other riders we met qucikly became friends as we bonded through challenging terrain, wind and shared triumphs. “Epic” is just the beginning of really describing this wonderful tour. This was my first multi-day bike tour, and I will certainly be returning for other trips. Thank you Lizard Head!

  7. Larry Gorman says:

    I gave this trip to myself for my 70th birthday present. It was a fantastic trip in both scenery and service. Not doubt a vigorous ride but my wife and I made it with a few lifts from the sag wagon. Our sore butts needed a few days rest afterwards but our legs felt better than ever. Chuck and John did a great job of organizing us and looking after all the details. I am looking forward to going again next year probably riding the White rocks tour. All our fellow riders were great people to meet and I hope to see them next time.

  8. Maggie Hand says:

    Epic! This is an unforgettable ride, with scenery so stunning, one barely notices the Biblical headwinds of Spring 2011. The guides were cheerful and always at the ready. I had to be towed into town a couple of times, but the guides made me feel like they’d chosen to ride with me because of my charm, not my wobbly legs. I came home and even before unpacking, went to the Lizardhead website to dream about my next ride.

  9. andy eber says:

    I have toured with several outdoor rec. companies in the US, Europe and Asia and never have I had the pleasure of interacting with two more professional, organized and caring guides than Erik Proano and Chuck Hewitt. These guys handled every detail and aspect of the trip thoroughly and cheerfully. I’m sure that the other nine guests on our Redrocks journey would agree that Erik and Chuck did a superb job.

  10. buddy blanke says:

    The Lizard Head Cycling tour of the Redrock Canyons is beyond beautiful. It is breathtakingly beautiful–owing to some of the climbing no doubt! The tour is visually and sensually stunning. I enjoyed the daily cameraderie of riding with my fellow riders, most of whom were in their 40s or 50s, and some in their 60s, as much as the sights along the routes. It is amazing how much in common we cyclists share when you get together some folks who are stangers, but become instant riding partners with a shared goal of making it through the day’s rides while experiencing the majesty and splendour of nature and the outdoors. This was my first bicycling tour and I’d never ridden more than 150 miles in a single week until I started preparing for this tour. I travelled from the flat part of South Carolina to do the tour and was a bit hesitant about whether I could make it through the hill climbs, but my training paid off. Yes, if you prepare, you can do it too, and have lots of fun along the way. You will not be disappointed if you come along for the ride, and you will learn lots along the way. Buddy

  11. Terry Martin says:

    A beautiful part of our country made accessible on bike by a great group of guides. I want to do this trip again.

  12. bob chappell says:

    John, thanks for a wonderful bike tour through the Red Canyons of Colorado and Utah. I had a terrific time. You and your guides were fabulous and showed you really cared that all riders had a great experience from morning to night during the entire tour.

    The areas we rode through were spectacular, the accommodations quite satisfactory considering the remoteness of the region and the logistics were flawless. Some of the more memorable meals were those you and your guides prepared.

    With regard to the riding you gave riders an easy and comfortable way to stay in the game by taking rides in the van where they could travel until they would choose to join the other riders.

    John once again, thank you for a great vacation.


  13. Len Battifarano says:

    May 20, 2011…..I am back from my second Redrock Canyon tour, having done my first last September. This tour only gets more awesome with time! The best cycling tour in the most spectacular place you will ever go on two wheels. The ride leaders, the other riders in our group, our amazing massage therapist, the food the accommodations, made this second visit even better than the first. If you want an extraordinary cycling vacation you can do no better than to join John and his team in paradise! len battifarano

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