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Tour of the Shenandoah Valley


Thank you for a great Tour of Shenandoah. Great trip and a fantastic experience, looking forward to the next trip. Thanks to Matt and Peter for making the trip all the better!!

– Michael S.

Another new tour for 2013, the Tour of the Shenandoah Valley has expanded our East Coast repertoire with great success and a warm reception. This intermediate/advanced route challenges riders with some steep climbs (welcome to Appalachia), and some stellar descents. Twist and wind your way through this often overlooked cycling paradise and spend your nights at some unique and extraordinary mountain hideaways.

The riding was a wonderful combination of beautiful scenery and challenging rides. I have never been to this part of America before and was surprised by the beauty. The rivers and forests are primal and I found it energizing to spend time there. All the roads were in good to excellent condition which surprised me! I assumed the back county roads would be a mess but they were fine.

The accommodations in the B&B’s were perfect. Really enjoyed not staying in big brand hotels. The care, food and comfort provided was always excellent. Being a vegetarian I was surprised to be so well fed at every establishment. Not always what I would eat at home but always plenty of calories!

I found the locals in the small towns curious about what we were doing and always chatty and friendly. Even on the roads I had not one incident of blaring horns or harsh words from passing cars.

Highly recommend this ride to anyone!

– Kevin B.

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