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Testimonial Zion-2-Taos

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The Zion to Taos Bike Tour (Z-2-T) traces a path across the mountains & canyons of Utah, Colorado and the high peaks of northern New Mexico. It is an exceptionally scenic route that showcases the high mountains, National Parks & hot springs (ahhh!) of the Four Corners Region. Over the course of its 2-weeks the tour climbs the elevated plateaus of Utah, the mighty San Juan Mountains of Colorado and the continental divide in New Mexico.

What follows are testimonial from the tour’s first offerings during the summer of 2014.


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One Response to “Testimonial Zion-2-Taos”

  1. Wayne P says:

    Hi John,

    Mary and I want you to know that we had a terrific time on our recent Z-to-T bike tour! It was definitely the tour of a lifetime!

    Every day we had something new and special to look forward to, both on and off the bike. We saw California condors circling overhead in Zion; we descended into kivas in McElmo Canyon; and we got welcome soaks at Pagosa Springs and Ojo Caliente. The scenery was spectacular!

    We think you deserve extra credit for picking such an interesting route and recruiting such able guides. The guides, Bertrand and Ben were incredibly enthusiastic, yet easy going, and Joe was helpful as usual even though he was not feeling well. All three were attentive, but not hovering. Bertrand was especially good at setting appropriate morning and evening schedules that allowed us to ride at our own pace without feeling rushed. He also provided good suggestions for our bonus rides.

    We biked nearly 900 miles in 13 days, including every inch of the 126-mile Queen stage plus bonus miles a few days. We feel a real sense of accomplishment at having done this.

    Although we trained hard, we were still apprehensive about the Queen stage. We brought lights so we could start in the dark, which is something I had never done. When I told Bertrand this, he assured me that we would be fine because there would be hardly any traffic on the road. That was indeed the case; after we left Hanksville we did not see anyone until we were passed by a motorcycle after 15 minutes and by two cars in another 15 minutes. After 15 minutes more it was light enough that we did not need our lights anymore.

    I have thought about our tour every day since we returned to San Diego, and I continue to savor many of the pictures I took along the way. Attached are some of my favorites. Feel free to use any of them on your web site.

    Best regards, Wayne

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